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Many apps include a component that starts along with Windows. These startup apps can be useful, but they can also slow boot time and use up system resources. Here’s how to get them under control.

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You are no doubt reading this article because you stumbled across the Desktop Window Manager process and are wondering just what it is. We’ve got the answer.

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Windows 10’s Creators Update adds a handy little feature that automatically cleans out your temp files and stuff that’s been sitting in your Recycle Bin for more than a month. Here’s how to enable it.

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Windows 10’s Creators Update brings a number of improvements to Microsoft Edge—mostly in the areas of responsiveness and security. It also includes some new tab management features, like being able to set aside tabs for later.

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The Windows 10 Creators Update removes the Command Prompt command from context menus in favor of using PowerShell. Here’s how to put it back.

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The built-in backup utilities in Windows are pretty solid. Let’s take a look at how to create a full backup image of your PC without the need for a third party utility.

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When you install the Windows 10 Creators Update, you may notice Command Prompt missing from the Power Users menu. Here’s how to get it back.

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If you’ve ever browsed through Task Manager, you may have wondered why there are so many Service Host processes running. You can’t kill them, and you sure didn’t start them. So, what are they?

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If you’ve ever been denied access to a file or folder in Windows, chances are you need to take ownership of them with your user account. Here’s how.

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When Windows Firewall is enabled with default settings, you can’t use the ping command from another device to see if your PC is alive. Here’s how to change that.

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You may have noticed that some messages in iPhone’s Message app are green, while some are blue. What do those colors mean and does it even matter?

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Some Windows apps configure themselves to automatically start whenever Windows boots. But you can make any app, file, or folder start with Windows by adding it to the Windows “Startup” folder.

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Taking ownership of files or folders in Windows is not simple. Both the GUI and command line take too many steps. Why not add a simple context menu command that lets you take ownership of any file or folder?

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By default, the Alt+Tab app switcher in Windows is nearly opaque. If you’d like to see a little more of your desktop peeking through, you just have to make a couple light edits to the Windows Registry.

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Notepad is a Windows staple that hasn’t really changed in years. It’s fine as a basic text editor, but if you’d like to replace it with something a bit more powerful, then read on.

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Personalizing your icons is a great way to make a PC uniquely yours. Let’s take a look at the different ways Windows lets you customize your icons.

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If you’ve ever wished you could change the icon Windows uses for a drive in File Explorer, then you’re in luck. We have two ways to show you how to do just that.

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If you use multiple USB drives, you’ve probably noticed that the drive letter can be different each time you plug one in. If you’d like to assign a static letter to a drive that’s the same every time you plug it in, read on.

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Portable applications offer some definite advantages over their traditional counterparts. They’re lightweight and they allow you to move between computers while taking your applications and settings with you. Here’s why they’re different and why they’re sometimes—but not always—a good choice.

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A picture password is an alternative to typing regular passwords when signing into Windows 10. Setting one up is pretty easy, and we’re going to walk you through it.

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If you want to prevent users of a PC from changing the desktop wallpaper, it’s not too hard to do. Here’s how to make it happen.

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There may be times when you want users of a computer not to be able to change the screen saver. Here’s how to prevent it from happening.

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Sometimes, documents you’re printing get stuck in the printer’s queue, preventing further documents from being printed. Here’s how to fix it when that happens.

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If your Taskbar, System Tray, or Start menu acts up, you might be tempted to restart your PC. Instead, you can usually just restart Windows Explorer—and Windows makes it pretty easy.

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It’s good to to power off your PC when you’re not using it, but do you ever forget and leave it on? Here’s how to configure Windows to automatically power down at night, but only if you’re not using the PC at the time.

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