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How (and Why) to Set Up 3D Audio on PS5

The PlayStation 5 isn’t just capable of impressive 4K HDR graphics but immersive audio too. This is thanks to Sony’s 3D Audio technology which allows you to use almost any headphones to get surround sound in select titles….

How to Mass Delete Emails in Gmail

Have you let your Gmail inbox become cluttered and overrun? Maybe you’re looking for a quick way to mass delete newsletters or emails from a specific domain name. Here’s how to tidy up your Gmail account in record time….

How to Fix “SOS Only” on an iPhone

If you see “SOS Only” on your iPhone at the top of the screen you’ll have trouble making calls, sending texts, or accessing the internet. Here’s what’s going on and how to get things back to normal.

How to Add More HDMI Ports to a TV

Does your TV not have enough HDMI ports for your needs? You don’t have to replace the TV. Fix the problem with an HDMI switcher! Just make sure you get the right one.

How Big Is Too Big for a Computer Monitor?

More screen real estate generally means better productivity, but that doesn’t always mean bigger monitors are better. There’s a lot more to choosing a monitor than the screen size in inches, including what you’re using it for…

How to Reset a PS5 Controller

Are you having issues pairing your DualSense controller with a PlayStation 5 console wirelessly? Did you previously pair it with a PC or similar device and now can’t use it with its home console? Here’s how to reset it to fac…

7 Ways to Transfer Files Between iPhone and Mac

There’s more than one way to transfer data between your iPhone and Mac. Though most services rely on the cloud, you’ve got a few choices when it comes to moving files like photos, videos, or documents that don’t all require a…

How to Expand Your PlayStation 5 Storage

Got a new PlayStation 5 and already filled up the internal storage with games? Fortunately increasing your pool of available storage is easy and relatively cost-effective. Here are your options.

The Best iPhone Tripods of 2023

Tripods aren’t just for high-end cameras. A tripod will help you take great photos and videos with your iPhone, too. A great tripod will also work well on your desk, so you can turn your iPhone into a convenient webcam for vi…

Should You Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6E?

Wi-Fi is an ever-evolving technology, so it’s not unusual to see new products regularly hit the market with promises of faster speeds and more stable connections. One such technology you might have come across recently is Wi-…

How to Add a Printer to a Mac

Need to print something? You can connect a printer to your MacBook or desktop Mac in several ways, including over Wi-Fi, a USB cable, or a Bluetooth connection. Here’s how.

How to Print From an iPhone or iPad

Printing from your iPhone or iPad is effortless, provided you have the right printer for the job. If your printer is giving you grief, there are a few workarounds you can use to print directly from your Apple smartphone or ta…

Should You Use Apple Trade In For Your Old Devices?

Apple Trade In lets you swap old devices for money off new ones simply by taking them to an Apple Store or applying online. It’s one of the quickest ways of turning unwanted gadgets into cash but that doesn’t mean it’s the be…

Is a QD-OLED Monitor Worth It?

QD-OLED combines techniques first seen in QLED LCD panels with self-emissive OLED technology, improving on both for better colors and a brighter picture. Prices for QD-LED monitors at the time of writing exceed $1000, though,…

iPhone Error 4013: What Causes It and 8 Fixes

iPhone error 4013 can ruin your whole day by preventing you from restoring your device. The cause could be down to a range of problems, from the device itself to your charging cable, computer, or a software fault. Here are so…

How to Fix Crashing Apps on a Mac

macOS is a stable and productive operating system that, assuming you have enough free space and RAM available, should just keep on trucking. This isn’t always the case with third-party apps, which on a Mac are often more like…

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your MacBook Battery

It doesn’t matter how well you treat your MacBook, your battery won’t last forever. When battery health degrades, leaving your charger at home becomes increasingly untenable since the time between charges can reduce dramatica…
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