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Chrome Memory Saver Mode: How to Use It

Google Chrome is notorious for being a thirsty browser that can hog your memory, Memory Saver mode aims to solve that problem. Here’s how it works and how to fine-tune or disable it completely.

The Best Budget Monitors of 2023

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a monitor to get something functional, you just need to shop smart. Decide which features are most important to you, and don’t spend money on things that aren’t essential….

Why You Should Use Apple HomeKit Secure Video

Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video is a compelling home security solution for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. It offers some benefits in terms of privacy and storage that you won’t necessarily find in competing systems….

How to Fix ChatGPT Login Not Working

Can’t log in to ChatGPT? The OpenAI sensation has sent the web into a spin, but it’s not always smooth sailing. It’s often unavailable, with many users finding it hard to even sign up or log in at times. Here are some things …

Should You Buy a Projector Instead of a TV?

Want to host the ultimate movie night? How about split-screen Mario Kart on a display that feels like every player has their own TV? You can have all this, and more, if you bite the bullet and buy a projector. But there are …

How to Use Split Screen on a Mac

Looking to divide your Mac desktop equally between open applications? Good news. You can either use Apple’s built-in split view feature for full-screen applications or install a third-party app to get even more control….

How to Kill a Process on Mac

Is an application or process causing problems on your Mac? Rid yourself of the problem app by killing it using Activity Monitor or the Terminal. You can also find and kill processes that are using specific ports on your Mac….

How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group

Facebook now includes a powerful feature for group admins to tag all members at once with a single tag. Though useful, the feature should be used sparingly. You can also disable this tag on your personal account if you’re fin…

Why Is My Mac Battery Draining So Fast? 10 Fixes

Have you just noticed your battery is draining unusually fast? Did you wake up one morning to find your Mac had drained overnight? One of the biggest benefits of a MacBook is its portability without the worry of plugging in. …

How to Check iPad Battery Health

Apple doesn’t make it easy to view battery health on iPad in the same way that they do on an iPhone or MacBook. Fortunately, some workarounds can help you decide when it’s time for a battery replacement….

Why Is My Computer So Loud, and How Do I Fix It?

Does your computer sound like a jet engine? Maybe you’ve noticed some rattling, drones, or whines you’ve not heard before. Let’s take a look at what causes a PC or laptop to get noisy, and what you can do about it….

Apple’s 8 Biggest Software Gaffes

Apple has a history of appealing product design, user-friendly software, and releasing products that are built to last. Along the way, Cupertino has made its fair share of memorable gaffes too. Here are some of the more notab…

How to AI Upscale an Image or Video: 8 Best Tools

Turn your blurry old photos and videos into high-resolution masterpieces with the power of artificial intelligence. Machine learning can intelligently enhance your still and moving images, with both free and paid tools availa…
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