Delete Files Older than a Certain Date

Have you ever needed to clean out some old files out of a folder? This is especially useful when you are trying to keep a log directory from getting too bloated with files, and Linux makes it really easy to clear out the junk.

Create Multiple Users in Server 2008 with PowerShell, Part 2: More Fields

In our previous article, we showed you the fastest way to go from a simple list of users to their creation in Active Directory. However, you’ll frequently get a list of users that will have extra data fields. Since we can’t write a script ahead of time for every possible scenario, we’ll show you how to take our user creation PowerShell script and modify it to suit your purpose.

How to Create Multiple Users in Server 2008 with PowerShell

Creating users through the AD Users and Computers snap-in is a very easy process, but you’ll frequently face the situation where you need to create accounts for a whole group of people at once. There’s no need for this to be a time consuming process for you though, and we’ve done all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.