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How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook 2010

If you reply to the emails with the same answer over and over, it will save you a lot of time to create a template that you can use over and over. We have previously show you how to create templates in Outlook 2003, so lets t…

What Are These desktop.ini Files I Keep Seeing?

Have you ever seen those weird desktop.ini files that seem to pop-up everywhere? The truth is that they do serve a purpose and Windows uses them to identify how a folder should be displayed, much like the .DS_Store files used…

How to Enable Ping Echo Replies in Windows 8

When you ping a PC running Windows 8, by default it doesn’t reply to the echo request. This is caused by a firewall rule that blocks all incoming ICMP packets, but this can be changed quickly in the Advanced Firewall Settin…
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