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Tablet vs. eReader: Which Is Better for Ebooks?

Modern tablet computers have much improved screens and battery life compared to the early days of these popular devices. However, eReaders haven’t been stagnant either, and if you enjoy reading ebooks, there’s a legitimate di…

The Best Free Apps for Your Windows PC

If you buy a Mac today, you also get almost all the software you need for productivity or creativity included, while it seems like Windows users have to shell out for quality software applications. But with so much good free …

10 Features We Want in the Nintendo Switch 2

The Nintendo Switch has been a smash hit for Nintendo, and in 2023 has entered its seventh year of existence, sparking hype about a successor. Every Switch fan has a wishlist of features for the “Switch 2”, and these are ours…

How to Use NVIDIA Video Super Resolution

Bandwidth is limited, and some older video content just doesn’t look that great on modern displays. So NVIDIA decided to use its GPU AI muscle to upscale those grainy videos in your browser to something sharp and beautiful to…

DDR4 vs. DDR5 RAM: Is an Upgrade Worth It?

DDR5 is the latest and greatest memory standard that promises to be better than DDR4 in almost every way, but does that mean you should throw your DDR4 in the trash and rush out to buy DDR5? Read this first….

Should You Buy a Projector for Gaming?

While large format TVs are readily available, once you go north of 70 inches the price curve goes nearly vertical. In contrast, projectors seem like a good solution if you want to experience a wall-spanning movie picture, but…

Can You Build a Fanless Desktop PC?

If you’ve seen gaming PCs, you may have noticed the monstrous number of fans these systems use to keep things cool, but what if you went the other way? Can you build a PC that has no fans at all?

The Best Solar Chargers of 2023

Whether you’re dealing with an unreliable power supply or want to make sure you can charge your essential gadgets when far away from the grid, a solar charger is an essential part of your hiking, travel, or emergency kit….

You Can Overclock Your Monitor, But Should You?

PC enthusiasts love making things go faster than the product manufacturer says it should, and there are clear benefits to overclocking, say, a CPU. You can also overclock a monitor, but it might not be obvious why anyone woul…

6 Reasons You Might Want to Stick With 1080p

While 4K TVs are commonplace, and many PC gamers are moving on to 1440p monitors or higher, there are many reasons why you don’t need to upgrade your 1080p display yet. There’s plenty of life left in “Full HD.”…
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