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How to Turn off Facial Recognition on Facebook

Facebook creates a digital fingerprint of your face to automatically recognize and tag you in pictures and videos. But if you’re uncomfortable with having your facial data on Facebook, you can easily delete it and turn this f…

How to Restrict Someone on Facebook

Don’t want to share all of your posts with every person you’ve friended on Facebook? Facebook lets you restrict people and prevent them from reading your private posts without unfriending them. Here’s how to do it….

How to Turn on HDR Video Recording on iPhone

A key headlining feature of modern iPhones is their ability to shoot HDR videos. But since HDR clips take up more space and most people don’t have compatible displays to watch them in their full glory, the HDR feature is off …

How to Run a Safety Check on Google Chrome

We’re used to running antivirus scans on our computers, but that doesn’t cover your online safety. For that, Google Chrome offers a tool that lets you perform a similar checkup to secure your web browsing. Here’s how to run a…

How to Rename a Bluetooth Device on Your Mac

Bluetooth accessories often have long and complex default names that are hard to keep track of. On your Mac, thankfully, you have the option to rename a Bluetooth device to whatever you want—even an emoji. Here’s how….
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