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How to Add Animations to Google Slides

We’ve shown you how to enhance your Google Slides presentation by adding animated transitions between slides. But maybe you want to animate text, images, or objects in addition or instead. Here’s how to add animations in Goog…

Save Time by Using Gmail Templates

If you use templates for quick starts on documents, reports, or spreadsheets, then you know their value as time savers. In Gmail, you can create your own templates to save time on those emails you send often….

How to Circle Text in Microsoft Word

There are many ways to make text stand out in your document. You can format the font in bold or italic or highlight the text using color. For another option, we’ll show you how to circle text in Microsoft Word….

How to Use SUMIF in Microsoft Excel

Adding numbers together in Microsoft Excel is a basic calculation that can use the SUM function. What if you want to add those values but only if they meet certain conditions? This is when the SUMIF function comes in….

5 Ways to Underline in Microsoft Word

Underlining seems like a simple enough task in Microsoft Word, but many times there’s more involved. You can underline words, spaces, words with spaces, and words without spaces. We’ll show you several ways to use underline i…
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