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How to Hold a Q&A Session in Google Meet

If you’ve ever attended a meeting where no one asked a question, you’re likely in the minority. Questions are common during Google Meet calls like any other meeting. So, make it easy for your participants with a Q&A sessi…

How to Block a Domain in Gmail

You might already be stopping emails from certain senders from flooding your inbox. But sometimes, you’ll receive several emails with different addresses, yet all from the same domain. You can block that entire domain in Gma…

How to Split Screen on iPad

When you work on your computer, you probably use more than one application at a time. If you use an iPad as well, you can do the same. We’ll show you how to do split screen on iPad with two features.

How to Conduct a Poll in Google Meet

Looking for some honest opinions? By conducting a poll in Google Meet, you can obtain the responses you need to make a decision, perform research, or see if everyone is on the same page. After the meeting ends, you’ll even re…
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