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Can You Delete Your Skype Account?

Are you using a different video conference app like Zoom or Microsoft Teams and have no need for Skype anymore? Deleting your old Skype account would prevent people from trying to contact you through Skype. You’re going to h…

How to Add Multi-Color Text in PowerPoint

While picking fonts the right font for your presentation is important, you can add a fun touch by using multiple colors for the text. Here’s how to add multi-color text to a slide of your PowerPoint presentation on a desktop…

How to Change Your Microsoft Teams Name

Changing your display name in Microsoft Teams is a good idea so that others don’t confuse someone with the same or similar name. It’ll also make it easier for other members to tag you or invite you in calls….

How to Run Windows 11 on a Mac

The stable version of Windows 11 will arrive by the end of 2021, but the preview release is already available. You can use Parallels 17 to run Windows 11 on Intel and M1 Macs today. Here’s how.
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