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How to Pin a File in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams helps you manage your documents by providing a Files tab in every channel. Keep your critical files visible to the team at all times by pinning them to the top of this Files tab.

How to Use Custom Sounds for Slack Notifications

Slack lets you choose from a small variety of notification sounds when you get a direct message or mention. But, by default, you can’t add your own sounds. Fortunately, there’s a way to use custom notification sounds in Slack…

How to Use Microsoft Outlook as an RSS Feed Reader

RSS feeds are great for getting alerted to new articles on your favorite sites. But your personal time shouldn’t be taken up with reading work articles. Split your professional and personal subscriptions by adding work feeds …

How to Send RSS Feeds to a Slack Channel

Slack is a great communication app, but it can do much more than just hold a back-and-forth conversation between you and your colleagues. Here’s how to keep up with your favorite websites by adding RSS feeds to Slack….

How to Remove Profile Photos From Your Slack DMs

In 2020, Slack added profile pictures to the list of users in your Direct Messages. If you’re not a fan, there’s a switch that toggles DM profile pictures on or off. Here’s how to remove people’s avatars from your direct mess…

How to Change Your Status in Microsoft Teams

When you’re working remotely, you need to let people know if you’re available or not. Microsoft Teams has a visible status you can change depending on your availability so your colleagues know whether they can bother you or n…
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