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What Do the Status Icons Mean on Apple Watch?

Ever been confused by the various colorful icons showing up at the top of your Apple Watch’s screen? We’ve been there, too. To fix that, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all Apple Watch status icons and what they mean….

How to Cancel Your Audible Subscription

If you aren’t listening to as many audiobooks as you used to, you might be considering ending your Audible membership. You can’t do this using the app, but we’ll show you how to do it quickly on the Audible website….

How to Appear Offline on Xbox Series X|S

If you’d rather not let your friends see whether you’re online on the Xbox Series X|S, then you should hide your online status. To help you with that, we’ll show you how to appear offline on your Xbox….

How to Check Version History in Google Slides

Collaborating on Google Slides presentations can get chaotic if multiple people are constantly making changes. If anyone makes an error, the ability to check version history in Google Slides makes it easy to fix. Here’s how y…

How to Turn Off the Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles include an Instant-On mode enabled by default, so when you turn off your Xbox, it goes in standby mode. We’ll show you several ways to fully power it down.
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