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How to Paste Text Without Formatting on macOS

Copying and pasting text is one of those things everybody who uses a computer needs to know, but even though copy/paste is one of the simplest functions you will learn, it can bring with it one big hassle: special formattin…

How to Customize 3D Touch Shortcuts on iPhone

3D Touch is a terrific innovation, bringing a new level of functionality to iPhone. Usually, the 3D Touch shortcuts baked into app icons are just fine, but there are a few things you can do to customize or manipulate some of…

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone

We all know that feeling: you record a video on your iPhone in portrait mode, and then try to watch it in landscape and everything is sideways. Luckily, you can correct a video’s rotation in just a few simple steps….

11 Things You Can Do with Siri on Your Mac

As time goes on, Apple continues to work Siri into more of its products. Its sole domain used to be the iPhone and iPad, then it found its way onto the Apple Watch and Apple TV. Now, Siri is on the Mac, and there are quite a …

How to Properly Delete Calendar Spam in iCal

A new spam scourge has descended upon unsuspecting Apple Calendar users, and boy is it annoying. Today we’re going to explain how to safely remove it, so hopefully you’re not bothered by it again.

How to Mark Up and Share Your Apple Photos

People really like to take, mark up, and share their fun photo creations. Apps like Snapchat and Instagram let you go to town with your photos, but you can have fun with Apple’s built-in Photos app as well….
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