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Matt Klein is an aspiring Florida beach bum, displaced honorary Texan, and died-in-wool Ohio State Buckeye, who fancies himself a nerd-of-all-trades. His favorite topics might include operating systems, BBQ, roller skating, and trying to figure out how to explain quantum computers.

If your Mac desktop is cluttered with multiple open windows, then you need a good way to quickly close them all without clicking every red x button one by one. Let’s briefly review your different options.

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Whether your kids use iTunes on a Mac, Windows computer, or on their iPhone or iPad, you probably don’t want them accessing inappropriate adult content. This can be accomplished using parental restrictions.

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Ever wish you could take your Mac with you on an external drive? You can actually install macOS Sierra on an external drive, flash drive, or SD card, then use that device as your macOS system disk wherever you go. We’ll show you how to set it up.

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Everyone knows about cutting and pasting by now. But did you know that your Mac sort of has a second clipboard known as kill and yank?

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If you’re out and about shopping at your local Walmart or Target store, you’ve probably noticed a lot of products adorned with emoji, like the seemingly ubiquitous smiling pile of poo. Have you ever wondered if you can just make your own emoji merchandise?

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The Sonos media controller app on Windows is almost perfect, but it does have limitations. For example, it has a pesky 65,000-song limit, and despite an abundance of streaming services, you can’t stream things like YouTube and sporting events.

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Tabs, glorious tabs! Every web browser now has them, including Apple’s Safari. In fact, tabs have been a part of Safari since the very beginning, but there’s a lot more to them than you may have realized. Let’s walk you through and show you all you need to know to become a Safari tab master.

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Have you ever wondered how much you’ve spent at Amazon during your lifetime? Whether you’re feeling curious or just plain brave, there’s an easy way to find out.

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Anyone who uses a Mac regularly knows that macOS’s screenshot abilities are pretty solid, but they could always be better. Third-party screenshot applications offer a lot of features that you might not have otherwise known you needed.

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Apple is staking their reputation on ensuring the data it collects from you remains private. How? By using something called “Differential Privacy.”

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By now, you have probably added a lot of apps and games to your Apple TV—so many that your Home screen has become crowded and unwieldy. Grouping things together in folders, however, can quickly restore order.

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If you don’t care for the way the System Preferences appear in macOS, you can change them by hiding certain preference panels or by rearranging them alphabetically.

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It’s that time of year again: time for the Super Bowl. What do you do if you don’t have a cable or satellite subscription? Don’t worry: there are plenty of ways to tune into the Big Game.

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System Preferences are a Mac users one-stop location to make changes to the operating system, tweak the hardware, and configure features like Siri and Parental Controls. Most people access the System Preferences by clicking on it in the Dock. But there are at least six other ways to access the System Preferences.

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You’ve probably heard the term “chipset” tossed around when talking about new computers, but what exactly is a chipset, and how does it affect your computer’s performance?

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Google Chrome’s default search engine is, unsurprisingly, Google. For the vast majority of users, that’s just fine. There are those however, who might want to change the default search engine to Yahoo!, Bing, or even add something custom.

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If you use iMessage, you’ve probably been roped into a group chat or two. It can often become confusing, so what can you do if you have a number of them going at once and can’t tell them apart?

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If you need to remove an image’s background on your Mac—so that the background is transparent—you could use something like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. The problem is, Photoshop isn’t cheap, and both applications come with a sizable learning curve. Luckily, you can remove image backgrounds with Preview for free.

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You like tabs, we like tabs. Tabs are the coolest thing to happen to web browsers since private browsing and bookmark syncing, but just how much of a tab guru are you?

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Safari’s AutoFill will automatically complete information for contacts, passwords, credit cards and more. Today we’re going to discuss how to turn off or edit those AutoFill entries on macOS and iOS.

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If you’ve been using Facebook for a few years, then you know your account contains a veritable treasure trove of information that thieves would just love to mine. It may go without saying, but firmly securing your Facebook account is going to go a long way towards protecting you from exposing a big chunk of your personal life to unsavory elements.

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Apple Photos on macOS can be trained to recognize faces so you can search for family and friends in all the photos in which they appear. Training is easy, though it might take some time if you have a lot of pictures in your library.

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iTunes is hot mess. Bloated and ponderous, iTunes continues Apple’s ongoing trend of having lost its design mojo. But fear not: there are some pretty good iTunes alternatives for macOS Sierra.

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Apple’s TV app, which recently appeared on iOS devices and Apple TV, is meant to help users discover and watch shows across an increasingly expanding lineup of television channels, as well as iTunes movies and shows, in one central app.

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If you’ve ever wondered how to record your computer screen and then turn it into an animated GIF, then wonder no more. Here’s everything you need to know about creating GIF screencasts on Windows and Mac.

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