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How to Add Tabbed Documents to Microsoft Word

Would you like to be able to switch between your Word documents with tabs just like your web browser?  Here’s how you can turn Word into a tabbed document interface so you can easily edit multiple files at once….

Edit Your Text in Style With Bend

Would you like a new Notepad replacement that incorporates the latest technologies while staying slim and fast?  Text editors are usually bland, boring programs, but here’s a new one that makes your text come to life b…

Test Drive the BlackBerry OS on Your PC

There’s a wider selection of smart phones and mobile OS’s than ever before, but you can’t just go buy every phone available and try them all out. Here’s how you can test out the latest version of the BlackBerry OS for…

Upload Documents to Google Docs With One Click

Google Docs is a great solution for saving and sharing documents online, but browsing to the site every time is time consuming. Here we look at a Desktop Gadget that lets you upload files with a simple drag & drop….

Disable Messenger in the New Hotmail Wave 4

Are you annoyed by having Messenger automatically sign in when you’re reading your emails in the new Hotmail?  Here’s how you can disable the Web Messenger in Hotmail and other Windows Live online apps….

How To Add Other Languages to Office 2010

Would you like to check spelling and grammar in other languages in Office, or would you like to change the Ribbon UI language?  Here’s how you can do it in Office 2010 with an Office Language Pack….

Integrate Your Tumblr Blog With Social Networks

Blogging is not much fun without an audience, but how can you get people to visit your new Tumblr blog?  Many of us already use social networks like Facebook and Twitter, so here’s how you can integrate your Tumblr blog wi…
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