Using Internet Explorer 9 with Windows Vista

Are you one of the many Vista users who want to get in the Internet Explorer 9 Beta fun?  Although Microsoft mostly focused on Windows 7 specific features in it’s information, IE 9 still has a lot of great features for Vista.  Let’s see how you can use the best new features from IE 9 including pinning sites and site specific browsers in Windows Vista.

Calculate Simple Math Quickly in OneNote

Did you know that you can solve a wide range of math problems in OneNote?  Whether you’re taking notes in class and working homework in OneNote or simply need to solve some quick math, here’s how you can use OneNote to help you out.

Use OneNote to Make Memorizing Information Easier

Whether you’re just getting started in the new school year or have been out of college for years, most of us have to regularly remember new information and often teach it to others.  Here’s a neat way you can use OneNote to help you memorize information with digital flashcards.