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How to Search for a Seller on eBay

If you want to purchase an item from eBay, you can just search for that item in the search bar. Searching for a specific seller requires digging a little deeper in the search options, though. Here’s how it’s done….

How to Delete a GitHub Repository

Do you have an old project on GitHub that’s no longer active or needed? Deleting old repositories (repo) cleans up your account for any potential future employers looking at your code. Here’s how it’s done….

How (and Why) to Create a GitHub Repository

Whether you’re starting a completely new software project or wanting to take a “Docs as Code” approach with your documentation on GitHub, one of the first steps is creating a repository (repo). Here’s how it’s done….

How to Lock Your Mac Using Terminal

One of the first rules of cybersecurity is to always lock your computer before stepping away from it. While it might not be the quickest way, you can lock your Apple Mac using Terminal. Here’s how to do it….
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