Monitor the News You Need With Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT

Automation is great. Anything that can be done to reduce the amount of effort needed to achieve a goal is to be welcomed with open arms. We have looked at various tools that can be used to automate tasks you might carry out on a regular basis, including using Wappwolf to automate cloud storage and using IFTTT to automate backups.  Now we’ll show how IFTTT can be used in conjunction with Yahoo Pipes to create custom news feeds and alerts.

Automate Your Phone or Tablet with AutomateIt

There are lots of tools that can be used to automate various tasks on your computer, and we have looked at how the likes of Wappwolf and IFTTT can help to automate your online life. AutomateIt brings very much the same idea to Android, making it possible to automate your phone or tablet in a variety of ways.

How to Use Cloudy to Attach Online Files to Gmail Messages

Cloud storage is now so commonplace that there are not many people that do not take advantage of storing files online. There are a huge number of services to choose from, including Google Drive and Dropbox, and Cloudy is a free extension for Chrome that makes it possible to attach cloud-based files to emails.

How to Tweak the Windows 8 Start Screen Wallpaper, Tiles, and Animations

The Windows 8 Start screen. It’s a very divisive feature of the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, and the widespread dislike for the way it looks and works is demonstrated by the staggering number of tools for tweaking it that sprang up almost immediately. If you’re not happy with the way the Start screen works, there are plenty of ways you can customize it, and here we take a look at some of the best tools.

How to Customize the Time on the Windows 8 Lock Screen

If you are running Windows 8, hit the Windows key and L at the same time. What do you see? It should be the lock screen complete with the date, time and weather. What format do the date and time take? It’s almost certainly the same as the clock in your taskbar – if you have opted to use 24 hour clock format, it will be used in both places. But this doesn’t have to be the case; customization is possible.

How to Use Trigger to Control Android with Gestures

Launchers. They’re not exactly in short supply in Google Play. While there are many to choose from, each with a slightly different approach to things, they all tend to work in the same general way. The same cannot be said of Trigger, which makes it possible to put your device’s touchscreen to the best possible use by using gestures to launch apps, access settings and more.

The 10 Best Group Policy Editor Tweaks for Windows 8

There are a number of ways you can tweak Windows, whether you are looking to improve performance, iron out irritations, improve security or change the appearance of something you dislike. Some settings can be changed through the Control Panel, some by using a third party tweaking tool, or you may prefer to dabble in a little registry editing. But if you have the Professional version of Windows 8 there is also Group Policy Editor and here we have rounded up ten top tweaks you can apply in this way.

The Windows Store Isn’t the Only Place to Find Apps: Here Are a Couple of Alternatives

Whatever platform you look at – iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Linux – there is some form of software store available. Android users have been able to enjoy Google Play (under various guises) for some time, and Apple’s App Store is well known even outside of tech circles. Microsoft was a little slow to join the party, but Windows 8’s Store means everyone is now on the same page. But is the store that’s built into Windows 8 the best option?

How to Save Ink and Make Web Sites Print Better

Printing out web pages you want a hard copy of can be a little hit and miss. Unlike other documents, it is not easy to tell exactly how many pieces of paper will be needed, and whether or not there will be any awkward clipping. Add to this the problem of wasting ink by printing out unwanted images and ads, and it is little wonder that many people resort to copying and pasting into a word processor. But by using browser add-ons and bookmarklets, you can gain control over what you are printing.

Manage Chrome’s Memory Usage More Efficiently With The Great Suspender

Chrome has built up quite a loyal following over the years, but while it is an adept web browser it does suffer from problems when it comes to tab management. It does not take long for Chrome’s memory usage to creep up as you load up more and more tabs, and start times can be extremely slow. Using the The Great Suspender extension you can get things back under control.

Create Your Own Wifi Hotspot With a Laptop and Virtual Router

Wireless internet connections are far more prevalent than they used to be, but there are still times when you may find that you are stuck using a wired connection and want to use it wirelessly — for instance, at a hotel with only wired internet but you want to get your tablet online.

Pimp Your Inbox By Enabling Labs Features in Gmail

We recently looked at how you can make it easier to manage multiple inboxes in Gmail using the Multiple Inboxes Lab feature. This is a non-standard feature and it’s far from being the only one available to you. In fact there are numerous hidden features that can help you to get more from Gmail.

How to Open Blocked Files in Office 2013

If you have upgraded to Office 2013, or Office 365, you may have run into problems opening files that have been emailed to you. Try to open a Word file you have received as an email attachment and you are likely to find that Word not only refuses to open the files, but fails to provide much in the way of help.

Personalize Your Android Homescreen with Ultimate Custom Widget

Widgets are wonderfully versatile additions to your Android home screen. They can provide access to various features of the apps you have installed, make it easier to access settings, display information about your device, and much more. Using Ultimate Custom Widget, you can turn dev and create your own widget without the need to code a single line.

Get More From Google Calendar By Adding Labs Features

Recently we took a look at how you can take Gmail further by enabling some of the extra features that are available in the experimental Labs section. If you use Google Calendar to manage your schedule, there are numerous tools and options that can be added through the use of Calendar-specific Labs. Today, we will take a look to see just what’s available.