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How to Find Your Available VRAM on Windows 11

If you need to perform certain GPU-intensive tasks, like 3D modeling or playing top-tier games, it can be useful to know your Windows 11 PC’s VRAM amount. There’s an easy way to check this, and we’ll show you how….

How to Recover Deleted Yahoo! Emails

If you’ve mistakenly deleted an important email, Yahoo offers you two options to recover your email. You can either find and restore your email from the “Deleted Items” or the “Trash” folder, or request Yahoo to restore your …

How to Concatenate in Microsoft Excel

With concatenation, you can merge two or more values from multiple cells into a single cell in your spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel offers two different ways to perform this task, and we’ll show you how to use those two methods….

How to Share a Private YouTube Video

When you upload a video to YouTube and set its visibility to Private, only the people you specify can watch that video. If you’re looking to share your Private videos with people, here’s how to go about doing that on your des…

How to Use Google Street View

With Google’s street view feature, you can virtually walk through the streets of many cities around the world. Street view is also available for popular landmarks, natural wonders, museums, and more. Here’s how to access it o…

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Banner

If you want to add a cool new image to your channel, or you’re rebranding your channel and wish to upload an appropriate image, YouTube makes it easy to change the channel banner image. Here’s how to do that on desktop and mo…

How to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

If you don’t wish to keep a single or an entire chat in your Facebook Messenger, the company allows you to delete individual or all your messages at once. Here’s how you go about doing that on your desktop and mobile….

How to Delete a Folder in Microsoft Outlook

If you don’t want to use an email folder in Microsoft Outlook anymore, you can delete that folder as well as all its contents at once. We’ll show you how to do that in Outlook’s desktop and web versions, as the mobile version…

How to Make a Slideshow on an iPhone

Thanks to the iPhone’s built-in Photos app, you can make a slideshow and have your photos and videos play one after another without manual interaction. You can choose a custom background music track, theme, and even the speed…

How to Update Google Chrome on Android

By default, Google Chrome updates automatically on your Android phone. However, you can run a manual update check to find and install the latest updates. You can also enable the automatic updates option if it’s disabled. We’l…

How to Compare Two Lists in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel offers two different methods to help you compare two lists and highlight the missing items in each one. You can choose to highlight the missing items in both lists or in a single one. We’ll show you how….

How (and Why) to Access Gmail in Basic HTML

In addition to the standard view, Gmail offers a basic HTML version that has all your emailing options but without any fancy features. You can access this barebone Gmail version from your desktop, and we’ll show you how….

How to Outline Text in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop makes it extremely easy to add a border around your text in an image. You can outline your text with the choice of color, position, and size. Here’s how to do just that on your desktop….

How to Delete a WhatsApp Contact

If you no longer want to communicate with a person, it’s a good idea to delete their contact from your WhatsApp list. This way they no longer clutter your chat list, and we’ll show you how to do that from your iPhone or Andro…

How to Unblock Someone on Gmail

If you’ve changed your mind and you’d like to start receiving emails from a blocked user, it’s easy to unblock someone on Gmail. We’ll show you how to do that on your desktop and mobile phone.

How to Insert Emoji in Outlook Emails

If you want to spice up your emails a bit, make use of various emoji that Microsoft Outlook has to offer. You can add these emoji to your messages on the web, desktop, and mobile. We’ll show you how.

How to Update Google Play Services

Updating the Google Play Services app on your Android phone or tablet can fix bugs and bring new features. The app usually automatically updates, but you can also trigger a manual update. Here’s how.

How to Download Emails From Gmail

If you want to save an email for offline use, or you’d like to send that email as an attachment to someone, Gmail allows you to download your emails in an offline EML format. We’ll show you how to do that on your desktop as y…

How to Find Archived Messages on Facebook

Want to take a look at your archived messages, and perhaps unarchive one or more of those conversations? If so, Facebook makes it easy to find and unarchive your chats on both your desktop and mobile phone. We’ll show you how…

How to Delete a YouTube Playlist

YouTube playlists aren’t meant to be kept forever. If you’ve finished watching all contents of a playlist, you can delete the playlist so your list is not cluttered. Here’s how to do just that on YouTube from your desktop or …
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