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The Quick Launch bar was introduced in Windows XP, and sat on the far left side of the Taskbar next to the Start button. It provided a quick and easy way to access programs and your desktop.

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Windows 10’s File Explorer opens to Quick Access by default, and Windows 7’s Windows Explorer opens to the Libraries. If you’d rather the Taskbar icon open in a folder of your choosing, though, here’s how to make that happen.

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By default, Windows 10’s Mail app displays the first line of each email in addition to the subject line. If you don’t want this preview text to show, you can easily turn it off.

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If you’re going to be out of the office for a while, you can set up Mail in Windows 10 to reply automatically to any emails you receive, letting people know that you won’t be reading or answering emails during that time.

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If you’re going to be out of the office for a while, whether for a vacation or a business trip, you can automatically let people know you won’t be reading or answering emails during that time using an out of office reply.

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When you know you are going to be out of the office for a few days, you can set up the Out of Office Assistant to reply automatically, letting people know that you are enjoying your vacation while they are stuck at work.

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If you’re going away on vacation (or just planning to stay home and ignore everyone), you might want to let people know that you won’t be reading or answering emails during that time.

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The Quick actions buttons at the bottom of the Action Center of are a great way to quickly connect to your VPN, take down a note, or launch the Settings app with a single click. But, did you know you can also customize these buttons to your specific tastes?

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Yahoo Mail comes in two versions: full featured and basic. The full featured version is newer version and is, of course, recommended by Yahoo. However, if you prefer a more streamlined, simple version of mail, you can use Yahoo’s Basic Mail.

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When setting indents or tabs on the ruler in Microsoft Word, you can see approximate measurements using the markings on the ruler. However, if you need more detailed measurements, there is an easy way to get this information.

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Since iOS 7, Apple devices have had limited support for opening ZIP files in Messages and Mail, while a few other third-party apps provide methods for opening ZIP files. But what if you’re on the other end and want to share multiple files with someone in a zipped file?

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Notifications in Windows have evolved over time, and Windows 10 further expanded the whole notification system. Notifications now slide out along the bottom right of your screen and each is accompanied by a chime, which can be irksome whenever files are added to your Dropbox or you plug in a new device.

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Notifications in Windows 10 are integrated into the Action Center. The white Action Center icon indicates that you have new notifications, and the number badge shows you how many. If you don’t want to see that badge, it’s easy to disable.

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The Windows 10 Mail app is a decent email client that allows you to add other email accounts in addition to your Microsoft accounts. You’ll notice, though, that any emails you write in the Mail app have a default signature.

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If you’ve worked with too many documents in which others have used spaces to align text and images, you know it can be very time consuming to manually remove the extra spaces from the beginning and end of each line.

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If you copy text from the web and paste it into Word, it can be annoying when the hyperlinks transfer with it. Here’s how to easily paste text without the hyperlinks, or remove hyperlinks from text that’s already in Word.

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Setting the row height and column width in Excel is easy, but if you’d rather use the keyboard to do this, it’s not very intuitive. We’ll show you a couple of different ways to set the row height and column width without using your mouse.

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The New Item menu in File Explorer allows you to create a new item for a specific program in the currently open folder. You can add items to this menu for other programs not included on it.

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The Search box to the right of the address bar in Firefox allows you to quickly search the web without opening a search engine website on a tab. Yahoo is now the default search engine when you install Firefox, but that’s easily changed.

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If you tend to open a lot of tabs in your browser, it can become difficult to find the tabs with your most used websites. Pinning tabs in your browser moves those tabs to the left and shrinks the tabs to only show the favicon, and you can do it with a simple right-click.

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Drop-down lists are very useful data entry tools we see just about everywhere, and you can add custom drop-down lists to your own Excel worksheets. It’s easy and we’ll show you how.

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Most smartphones have a feature in which you can double tap the spacebar to insert a period. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that on your Windows PC too? We’ll show you how you can.

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The LibreOffice user profile is where all user-related data is stored, such as extensions, custom dictionaries, and templates. When you uninstall or update LibreOffice, the user profile is preserved.

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Comments in Word allow you to provide feedback in a document without changing the text or layout. You can place the cursor in the content or select content (text, images, tables, etc.) and add a comment about that part of the document.

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In LibreOffice programs, you can undo one action after another…to a point. The default number of actions you can undo is 100, but that number is easy to change.

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