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The Best Portable Speakers of 2022

We’ve come a long way since the boombox first brought portable music to the masses. Portable speakers are better than ever, with improved sound quality, better Bluetooth capabilities, and better portability….

The Best iPad Cases (9th Generation) of 2022

Your iPad’s 10.2-inch display is great for watching movies and playing games, but you’ll want a case to protect that glass screen from scratches and cracks. These are the best cases for the 2021 iPad, also known as the 9th-g…

Best iPhone 14 Screen Protectors of 2022

Want to use your iPhone 14 without a case, but still want screen protection? Even if you do use a case, screen protectors add an extra layer of armor for your phone. Whether you’re looking for a screen protector made of glass…

USB vs. XLR Mic: Which Should You Buy?

A good microphone is essential when recording audio. As you shop for your microphone, you’ve probably seen USB mics and XLR mics. So what’s the difference between them, and which is best for your recording needs?…

What Is a Supercardioid Microphone?

If you’re in the market for a new microphone, you may have noticed the term “supercardioid” used to describe some mics. What does this mean, and how are these microphones different from other microphone types?…

Should You Use Lossless Audio on Apple Music?

In 2021, Apple Music began offering its entire library in lossless audio. But what is lossless audio, really? Are there any downsides to listening to music in Apple’s lossless format? And just how much better does it really s…

What Is Apple Music, and Should You Use It?

At first glance, all music streaming services are the same. This may be true on some level, but Apple Music takes a different approach than some of its competitors. Let’s take a look at what makes Apple Music special….

Sonos Sub Mini Review: More Bass For Less Money

If you’re serious about your home theater setup, you need a subwoofer. This is a big ask for Sonos owners, as the company’s Sub is great but expensive. The Sonos Sub Mini aims to provide that key low-end thump, but with a sma…

The Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2022

Whether you want to fill your home with music or improve your home theater setup, high-quality bookshelf speakers are a must. Not sure which bookshelf speakers are right for you? These are the best.

What Is an Audio Crossover?

Crossovers are common features in audio equipment like speakers, but their purpose can seem like a mystery. Whether you’re wondering what the crossover knob on your subwoofer does or whether you should look for a speaker with…

What Is an Integrated Amplifier?

If you’re shopping for stereo or home theater components, you might have heard the term “integrated amplifier.” While these may sound like a specialized piece of equipment, they’re more common than you may think and have some…

The Best iPhone 14 Pro Max Cases of 2022

Nobody wants to watch as their brand-new iPhone hits the ground unprotected. The iPhone 14 Pro Max isn’t a cheap phone, so you’ll want to make sure you keep it safe and sound inside the right case.
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