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How to Make Voice and Video Calls on Skype

Skype has long been one of the most popular video-calling apps. Even better, it’s free and available on all major platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. We’ll walk you through how to use it!…

The 5 Best Team Communication Apps

If your entire company is now working from home, you’re going to need a good team communication app. You’ll likely want something that allows you to share messages, create channels, and integrates with other apps. These are o…

How to Remap Modifier Keys on iPad

Want to turn the Caps Lock key on your iPad into the Escape key? Want quick access to the Globe button on your Bluetooth keyboard? Using a new feature introduced in iPadOS 13.4, you can do just that.

Why You Should Buy the 2020 MacBook Air

With the 2020 MacBook Air, Apple has delivered the perfect laptop for everyday use. The Butterfly keyboard is gone, leading to an improved and more reliable typing experience. This is the Mac laptop most people should buy….

How to Use Trackpad Gestures on Your iPad

Apple’s new floating Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Pro looks fantastic, but you don’t need to spend $299 to use a trackpad. Simply connect a Magic Trackpad or a third-party multi-touch trackpad to get access to all of iPad…
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