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The Best iPad Pro 11-inch Cases of 2023

The 11-inch iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet. It’s a great device to get work done and enjoy some Netflix or play games. Plan to take your iPad Pro everywhere with you? Grab a case that best fits your needs!…

How to Disable iCloud Photos on iPhone and iPad

iCloud Photos is a great way to seamlessly back up iPhone photos to iCloud. But if you’re running out of iCloud storage space and you’d rather not upgrade to a paid plan, here’s how to disable the iCloud Photos feature….

How to Change Your Password on Mac

For security reasons, you should change your account passwords periodically, and Macs are no exception. Fortunately, you can change your password on a Mac with just a few clicks, as you’re about to find out….

The Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Cases of 2023

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is precious cargo. It’s sleek, thin, and light. While that’s great for when you’re using it on the couch, you’ll need protection when you’re out and about. Our recommendations have got you covered….

How to Hide All Desktop Icons on Mac

Is your Mac desktop a mess? Don’t really want to organize everything? Don’t worry, you can use a terminal command to quickly hide all desktop icons before sharing your screen on a work call or taking a screenshot….

How to Turn off Comments on Instagram

Instagram comments can be a blessing or a curse. If things aren’t going well, you can disable commenting altogether, hiding current comments and preventing new ones. Here’s how to turn comments off on Instagram….

How to Remove Tab Categories in Gmail

Gmail offers a feature that categorizes your email in tabs like Primary, Promotions, and Updates. If you enabled it by mistake, or if you prefer to view all your emails together, here’s how to remove tab categories in Gmail….

How to Set an Alarm on Apple Watch

When you wear an Apple Watch, there are a couple of iPhone duties that you can offload to your smartwatch, and setting an alarm is one of them. Here’s how to quickly set an alarm using Siri or the Alarms app….
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