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You see it every time you log into your Mac: your profile picture. If you’re like most people, you picked it way back when you set up your laptop, but how do you change it now?

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If you’re like me, the Applications folder on your Mac is overflowing with apps, most of which you rarely use but still like to keep around. If scrolling through everything to find what you’re looking for is overwhelming, a simple trick lets you sort these applications by categories—like Productivity, Music, Education, and more.

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Thinking of giving an old hard drive to a friend, or taking it to be recycled? Be careful. When you delete a file on a mechanical drive, it’s not really gone—at least, not physically. Your file system marks the spot taken up by the file as “free space,” which is why you can sometimes recover deleted files.

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Windows users can click the clock on the taskbar to see a calendar, which is perfect if you need to know what day of the week June 17th is. Macs don’t offer this feature, at least not out-of-the-box. But there are programs that can add one.

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Most people use one search engine—Google, DuckDuckGo, etc.—to find things online. But sometimes you want to quickly search Amazon, ask a question of Wolfram Alpha, or find a video on YouTube, all without the extra step of going to that site first.

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It used to be so simple. If you liked a video, and wanted to see more videos like it, you’d click the “Subscribe” button. The next time that channel put out a video, you’d see it on the homepage.

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Some apps, like Dropbox and Steam, will ask to “control this computer using accessibility features.” But what the heck does that even mean?

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Perhaps you’ve read that F.lux, which reduces eye strain and helps you sleep, is being “Sherlocked” later this month. What does that mean?

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Wondering why your Roku looks…different? Roku occasionally changes the background for its millions of users, something they call a “featured theme.”

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If you’re like me, you try to avoid using your mouse whenever possible. Nothing against the mouse, it’s just that moving your fingers from the keys tends to slow things down. On macOS, the menu bar feels like a speed bump, forcing you to pick up the mouse and browse a menu if you don’t know a particular keyboard shortcut. But there’s a better way.

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You’re sitting on your couch, browsing the web on your laptop. Some music would be nice, but you don’t really want to put down your laptop, pick up the remote, and browse your music collection with your TV remote.

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It’s one of the great new features of macOS: your desktop syncs from one Mac to another using iCloud. Put a file on the desktop of your iMac, and it’s there waiting for you on your MacBook. It’s like magic.

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Are there Wi-Fi dead zones in your house? Before you do anything drastic, you might be able to fix it by simply moving your router.

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Back in ancient days, when you wanted a movie, you got off the couch and went to the video store. Sure, you had to leave your house and talk to a person (things no one has to do against their will in 2017,) but you didn’t need to wonder where to look for what. Every store had basically every movie.

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Kodi can make your massive media collection easy to browse and play, but adding new media is a bit of a chore. By default, you need to manually tell the program to re-scan your folders every time you add something, which is annoying if you add new media regularly. Isn’t there a way to automate this?

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Are you getting notifications about a full Time Machine drive? Do you feel like your backups are taking too long? A bigger, faster hard drive might be the best solution, but you can also help by excluding particular folders from your backups.

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You’re watching a movie late at night. Your family is asleep. You can’t hear the dialogue during a key scene, so you turn up the volume, only for an unexpected explosion to wake up the entire house. Isn’t there some way to prevent this?

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If you’re a Mac user and a fan of open source software, you’ve probably seen certain apps with the “Darwin” label. But why do the macOS versions of apps carry this name?

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You’re not the only person who lives in your house, and you’re not the only person who watches things on your Kodi box. Why should there be only one media library, with one list of what has and hasn’t been watched, and one favorites list? Kodi has offered a profile system for years, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

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So you’ve decided you want a Roku, but there are so many choices. There are currently six different models (not including full TVs with Roku built-in), and it’s not at all clear what the difference between them is. Which one do you want?

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If you love Microsoft’s “Ribbon” interface but prefer the free and open source LibreOffice, you can get the best of both worlds…if you’re willing to put up with an experimental feature. While not officially an alternative to the Ribbon, LibreOffice’s “Notebookbar” bears an uncanny resemblance, and it’s a big improvement on LibreOffice’s old-timey toolbars.

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Kodi 17.0, codename Krypton, is here. There are all kinds of new features, but the most obvious is the new default theme: Estuary. This theme looks great, and is very functional, but it gets better.

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If you connect a lot of drives to your Mac—or connect a particular external hard drive to a lot of different Macs—it can all be a lot to keep track of. Changing the icon for your drives is a quick way to visually tell them apart.

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Sometimes you just want to fire up Pandora on your stereo, without having to plug in your phone or enable Bluetooth. If you’re a Kodi user, you’ve probably wondered if there’s a Pandora add-on for your home theater PC.

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Every bit of monitor space is precious, particularly vertical space. But in Windows 10, the fairly large taskbar takes up real estate even when you don’t need it.

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