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How to Hide Twitter Replies

Twitter is experimenting with a new tool that allows users to hide replies to their tweets. The feature is specifically made to hide unwanted and spam comments from a post that distract from the conversation. Here’s how it wo…

How to Update iPhone and iPad Apps

Checking for app updates has been easy for iPhone and iPad owners. It got a little more complicated whenĀ iOS 13 and iPadOS 13Ā replaced the Updates tabĀ with Apple Arcade. Now you have to tap your profile icon first….

How to Find Your Apple Card Number

The Apple Card is a mobile-first credit card, but it still has a card number you can use for online purchases. The service’s physical card doesn’t have the number on it, so you’ll have to find the number within the Wallet app…

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome for Android

Google Chrome occasionally offers to save passwords as users type them into websites. Android owners can quickly access, delete, and export saved passwords through the mobile browser. Here’s how to view your saved passwords o…

How to Apply for the Apple Card

Apple announced its own credit card at the beginning of 2019. Now, the Apple Card is available for a growing number of people. Here’s how to apply to get your hands on Apple’s titanium credit card.

What iPhone Do I Have?

Most iPhones share a similar design, so it’s not always easy to tell which model you own. This information is essential when shopping for accessories like cases or asking Apple for technical support. Here’s how you can find w…

How to Rename Folders on an iPhone or iPad

When you create a folder on an iPhone or iPad, Apple automatically gives the folder a name. As these names aren’t always fitting, you’ll likely want to change them. Here’s how you can rename folders on your devices….

How to Turn Off an iPad Pro

As with all electronics, your iPad Pro should occasionally be turned off and restarted. Apple had to change the process between generations, so newer iPads require an extra step. Here’s how to power down your iPad Pro Face ID…

How to Reset Your Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods can sometimes start acting up after a year of use. Whether you’re running into this problem or you bought AirPods used, the best solution is to reset the earbuds. Here’s how to make your AirPods perform like new…

How to Update Google Chrome

Google updates Chrome with major new versions every six weeks and security patches more often than that. Chrome normally downloads updates automatically but won’t automatically restart the browser to install them. Here’s how …
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