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4 Useless Tech Products You Shouldn’t Buy

Knowing exactly what technology to invest in isn’t always easy. A few products on the market, though, are decidedly not worth your time or money—even when they do what they claim to do. Here are a few you’ll find on the wr…

How Fast Will Wi-Fi 7 Be?

Upgrading to a new version of Wi-Fi sounds great, but how much faster will the Wi-Fi 7 standard’s transfer speeds actually be? Let’s compare current standards with Wi-Fi 7 (also called 802.11be) and learn how your actual spee…

Do Any Devices Support Wi-Fi 7 Yet?

Heard the hype about Wi-Fi 7 and want a piece of the ultrafast wireless pie? Let’s find out when you can expect to buy a device supporting those coveted transfer speeds, or at least something close to them….

Are There Any Linux Phones?

Leaving “big tech” ecosystems on the desktop is fairly easy with a Linux laptop or a manual Linux install. Smartphones, though, seem strictly the domain of Apple and Google. Do any Linux-based smartphones exist? Let’s take…

DuckDuckGo’s Cheat Sheet Feature Is Awesome

The DuckDuckGo search engine is mainly known for its privacy, but it also offers a little-known productivity feature. You can quickly pull up lists of keyboard shortcuts or basic code using a cheat sheet search….

How to Purge Crypto From the Brave Browser

Many people find the Brave browser’s privacy features attractive but are turned off by its cryptocurrency features and promotions. If you’re one of those people, here’s how you can remove those elements and enjoy a cleaner,…

How to Monitor and Block Ad Trackers on Android

Apps you install on Android often collect data about you and your activity for the app developers and their affiliates. With a tool developed at the University of Oxford, you can see those trackers and even stop them in their…

Why I Switched to Garuda Linux

Months after making Garuda Linux my daily driver operating system on my desktop PC, I still don’t have any regrets. It’s continued to be everything I look for in a Linux distribution (distro). Here’s why….

5 Websites Every Linux User Should Bookmark

There’s no shortage of Linux websites hyping the trendiest distributions (distros) and dishing on the latest developer drama. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve curated a few sites worth your time that offer relevant ne…

How to Update Your Roku TV or Streaming Device

Want to force an update on your Roku TV or streaming stick? Your device regularly checks for updates in the background, but a manual update can sometimes be necessary, like when streaming issues arise. Here’s how to do it….

What Are the Drawbacks of Switching to Linux?

Linux evangelists (like myself) are quick to point out the many benefits of switching over from Windows and macOS. But no operating system is perfect, and many have gone Linux and gone back. So what’s the catch?…

How to Turn Off an Ubuntu PC

Like all personal computers, a PC running the Ubuntu desktop operating system must be turned off now and then. Shutting down Ubuntu is easy, and you have several methods at your disposal for a safe end to operation….

How to Roll Back the Kernel in Linux

If your Linux PC suddenly has issues after an update to your system, it’s possible a Linux kernel update is at fault. Fortunately, rolling back or switching to another kernel is relatively easy to do on Debian, Arch, and Fed…

How to Update Ubuntu Linux

Need the latest and greatest in Ubuntu software? You don’t need to be a Linux pro. Read on to discover how to update classic Ubuntu Linux, an official Ubuntu flavor, or virtually any Ubuntu-based distro….
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