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8 KeePassXC Features You Should Be Using

KeePassXC is one of the best password managers out there, known for its (intentional) lack of cloud-syncing. But just because it’s offline doesn’t mean it’s light on functionality. Here are some handy extras that will enhance…

6 Useful Websites to Download for Offline Access

You’ve likely come to rely on the internet to find useful information the moment you need it, but you can’t count on always having a reliable connection. That’s why it’s a great idea to download a copy of the internet’s most …

Is Your Phone Listening to You?

We hear it all the time: “I swear my phone is listening to me because I just saw this ad about the exact thing I was just talking about.” Online ads undeniably have a way of promoting the same products and services we talk (a…

5 Awesome Raspberry Pi Accessories to Buy in 2023

Whether you just got a Raspberry Pi (or another single-board computer) or you’ve left one sitting in a drawer somewhere, supplemental gear might be the inspiration you need to kickstart a new project. These Pi accessories ran…

Why Is Turning On a Computer Called “Booting”?

The tech world is full of all kinds of weird words, and one strange but omnipresent example is the verb “boot” or “reboot.” Why do we use this term when talking about powering on our phones and PCs, and what does it have to d…

4 Useless Tech Products You Shouldn’t Buy

Knowing exactly what technology to invest in isn’t always easy. A few products on the market, though, are decidedly not worth your time or money—even when they do what they claim to do. Here are a few you’ll find on the wr…

How to Make LibreOffice Look Like Microsoft Office

If you’re a longtime Microsoft Office user, you might find trying out LibreOffice difficult because of the foreign interface. To make things more comfortable, you can give LibreOffice a theme that’s similar to MS Office wit…

How Fast Will Wi-Fi 7 Be?

Upgrading to a new version of Wi-Fi sounds great, but how much faster will the Wi-Fi 7 standard’s transfer speeds actually be? Let’s compare current standards with Wi-Fi 7 (also called 802.11be) and learn how your actual spee…

Do Any Devices Support Wi-Fi 7 Yet?

Heard the hype about Wi-Fi 7 and want a piece of the ultrafast wireless pie? Let’s find out when you can expect to buy a device supporting those coveted transfer speeds, or at least something close to them….

Are There Any Linux Phones?

Leaving “big tech” ecosystems on the desktop is fairly easy with a Linux laptop or a manual Linux install. Smartphones, though, seem strictly the domain of Apple and Google. Do any Linux-based smartphones exist? Let’s take…

Why I (Almost) Quit Spotify for Napster

I’ve been a Spotify user for years, but I recently heard Napster might be better for artists. Shocked that Napster still existed, I gave the infamous product a try. Here’s what I learned.

DuckDuckGo’s Cheat Sheet Feature Is Awesome

The DuckDuckGo search engine is mainly known for its privacy, but it also offers a little-known productivity feature. You can quickly pull up lists of keyboard shortcuts or basic code using a cheat sheet search….
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