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The Best Ring Alternatives of 2022

If you’re not sold on the Amazon Ring lineup of products, there’s no shortage of great options in today’s market. From video doorbells and outdoor security cameras to floodlights and alarm systems, here are the best Ring alte…

The Best Cell Phone Plans of 2022

Today’s cell phone market is flooded with multiple carriers, dozens of plans, and exorbitant monthly costs. We’re here to help. From unlimited data and family plans to prepaid options and more, here are the best cell phone pl…

The Best Ergonomic Mice of 2022

Ergonomics mice come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price tags. Whether you’re looking for a vertical layout, trackball design, or lightweight product, here are six of the best ergonomic mice currently on the market….

The Best PS5 Headsets of 2022

The PlayStation 5 is compatible with a wide variety of headsets, but some offer more versatility and features than others. Whether you’re looking for impressive noise cancellation or crisp audio, we have a headset for you….

What Is a “Soulsborne” Game?

With FromSoftware’s launch of Elden Ring, the term “Soulsborne” has once again entered the gaming vernacular. If you’re confused about its definition, here’s what you need to know about Soulsborne, Soulslike, and why they mat…

How to Play Co-Op Multiplayer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring makes cooperative play unnecessarily clunky. Whether you’re looking to play online with your friends or random Tarnished, here’s what you need to know about summoning, effigies, required items, and multiplayer pass…

The Best iPhone SE Cases of 2022

With dozens of iPhone SE cases on the market, finding a reliable one can be a challenge. Whether you need tough protection, a slim design, or multiple cases for different situations, we have the best recommendations for you….

The Best Nintendo Switch Headsets for 2022

Nintendo Switch now supports a wide variety of headsets and headphones. Whether you need the functionality of a wireless connection or something affordable and durable for your kids, here are our five favorite headsets for Sw…

The Best Smart Speakers of 2022

A good smart speaker does more than pump out impressive tunes, as it often serves as the centerpiece for a connected smart home.  Here are the seven smart speakers for every budget, ecosystem, and audiophile….

The Best Gaming Laptops of 2022

Gaming laptops are the perfect combination of power and portability, allowing gamers to enjoy their favorite titles anywhere. If you’re looking to take gaming on the road or just don’t want a computer tower taking up space, c…

The Best Smart Displays of 2022

Smart displays offer an elegant solution to all your smart home needs and make it easy to check your calendar, listen to music, or catch up with a video call. Here are the best smart displays you can buy right now….

The Best Smart Thermostats of 2022

Upgrading to a smart thermostat is a great way to save money on your annual energy bill and automate your home. Choosing the right one for your home, however, isn’t an easy process. Here are our favorite smart thermostats cur…
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