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The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone of 2023

If you just bought a new iPhone, now is the time to grab some MagSafe accessories for it. You can get anything from chargers and portable batteries to car mounts and wallets that attach via MagSafe magnets….

What Is a MAC Address, and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever tried to identify devices on a network or search for a nearby Bluetooth device, chances are you’ve dealt with MAC addresses. But what are they exactly, and how are they different from IP addresses?…

What Is a Network Adapter?

If you’ve ever tried to fix a networking issue, you’ve likely come across discussions about network adapters. So what are they, and why does your computer need them? Let’s take a closer look.

What Is a Zero-Click Attack?

While “zero-day attacks” are bad enough—they’re named that because developers have had zero days to deal with the vulnerability before it’s out in the open—zero-click attacks are concerning in a different way….

How to Use a Light Meter App to Shoot Film

Learning to use a 35mm film camera can be intimidating. There’s no screen to check, so you need some way to gauge exposure without burning through frames the way you would with a digital SLR. A light meter app can save the da…

The Best iPad Mini Cases of 2023

The iPad Mini is small enough to throw in a bag or backpack, and you’ll want to take it with you everywhere. So it’s worth investing in a good case to ensure your new tablet lasts as long as possible.

How to Download, Install, and Run Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are extremely useful tools. They’re especially helpful if you’ve learned a bit of the program, but not enough to take on complicated edits yet. Actions can also seriously streamline your editing workflow and…

UI vs. UX: What’s The Difference?

In the web and app design professions, you’ll hear two terms used very often: UI and UX. Sometimes they’re used interchangeably, sometimes not, and they often appear to refer to very similar aspects of a product’s design….

How to Block Tracking Pixels in Apple Mail

Today’s technology makes email tracking very easy. Surprisingly detailed information gets sent back to that business or person to further their marketing efforts thanks to something called “tracking pixels.” We’ll show you h…

What Is UX, and What Does It Stand For?

You’ll likely hear the term “UX” used a lot, especially among designers or web engineers, in conjunction or seemingly interchangeably with UI (user interface). But what exactly is it? Find out below.

What Is UI, and What Does It Stand For?

If you’re even tangentially in the web design or graphic design space, you’ve heard the term “UI,” or “UI design.” You may have also seen it used interchangeably with “UX,” so what is it and how does it differ?…

What Is A/B Testing?

If you’ve researched web design, UX/UI design, or marketing, chances are you’ve heard the term A/B testing. But what does A/B testing actually mean? Today we’ll take a closer look to find out what it’s all about….

How to Connect to Starbucks Wi-Fi

Starbucks has been providing people a place to gather and get caffeinated for years. And one of the main benefits of that famous “third place” between work and home, especially for remote workers, is the free Wi-Fi. Connectin…

How to Connect to McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

While you might not always have a coffee shop nearby, chances are you’ll be able to find a McDonald’s if you need to get some work done on the go. The ubiquitous fast-food chain has offered free Wi-Fi since 2011, and you can …

How to Get Wi-Fi on the Road

Staying connected when traveling can be tricky if you’re not in a hotel, but it’s possible. Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or going camping, or even if you just need some Wi-Fi on a long drive, there are ways to …

How to Make the Most of Hotel Wi-Fi

Data from Statista projects almost 550 million Wi-Fi hotspots by the year 2022. Unfortunately, while there may be a lot of them, many public Wi-Fi connections suck. And hotels can be among the worst. Here’s how to avoid the p…

What Is Apple Card Family, and How Do You Use It?

Apple Card Family is geared toward couples and families. You can now co-own an Apple Card with another adult, and you can give children or others access to it for spending. You can see and monitor everyone’s transactions in …

How to Opt out of Google FLoC in Chrome

In March 2021, Google began testing its new ad-targeting initiative called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) with a subset of Chrome users. The plan is to implement FLoC as an alternative to cookies—which are being phase…
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