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How to Open and Read a PDF on Android

Handling a PDF file on your mobile device can sometimes be a pain. The good news is simply opening a PDF is pretty easy. Your Android device can probably already do this, but if not, we’ll share some options….

How to Use Spotify in PC Games on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a tool called the Game Bar, and it has some cool features you might not know about. You can control Spotify while gaming without having to switch out of full-screen mode. It’s super handy….

How to Change Your Android Phone’s Name

Every Android phone and tablet has a generic name that matches the model (Pixel 5, Galaxy S20, etc). This name occasionally appears if you connect other devices to your device. A simple thing you can do to avoid confusion is …

What’s the Difference Between One UI and Tizen?

If you use Samsung products, especially the company’s smartwatches, two names you’ve probably seen are “Tizen” and “One UI.” Together, they’re responsible for Galaxy smartwatch software, but what’s the difference? And why doe…

How to Sideload Apps on Google TV

Google TV devices (including the Chromecast with Google TV) have access to Android apps and games specifically made for TVs. If you want an app that doesn’t appear in the Play Store on the TV, you can “sideload” it. We’ll sho…

How to Use the Assistant Driving Mode in Google Maps

Google Maps has great turn-by-turn navigation, but it’s important not to use your phone while driving. That’s why Maps has a Google Assistant-fueled Driving Mode that puts common shortcuts within reach. We’ll show you how to …

How to Share Tweets to Snapchat Stories

There was a time when sharing a tweet to Snapchat meant taking a screenshot of the Twitter app and uploading it to Snapchat. Thankfully, that’s no longer necessary. Tweets can be directly shared to Snapchat as stickers for yo…

How to Turn Your TV Into a Virtual Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like the cozy comfort of a crackling fire. However, not everyone has a fireplace in their home—or wants to deal with lugging firewood inside. Here’s how to turn your TV into a fireplace instead….

How to Add Custom Cover Art to Spotify Playlists

There are literally thousands of pre-made music and podcast playlists from Spotify and community users. If you like to make your own playlists, you can further personalize them with custom cover art. We’ll show you how….

How to Use Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode

You may know that Google Assistant can understand many languages, but did you know it can be your interpreter, too? The “Interpreter Mode” feature is super cool and feels futuristic. We’ll show you how it works….

How to See How Much RAM Your Android Phone Has

RAM is an important specification on your smartphone. The amount your phone has can greatly impact performance. If you’re curious how much RAM you have on your Android phone, we’ll show you how to find out….

What Are Android Skins?

Have you ever noticed that Android on a Samsung phone doesn’t look like Android on a Google Pixel phone? Both use the same operating system, but look completely different. What’s the deal with that?

How to Search Open Tabs on Google Chrome

Browser tabs can be a blessing and a curse. It’s handy to have multiple pages open at once, but if you use a lot of tabs, it can quickly become hard to manage. That’s where Google’s Chrome Tab Search comes in….

How to Send Someone Money with Google Pay

Thanks to smartphones, it’s now easier than ever to send money to people. Google Pay is a powerful service with many features, one of which is peer-to-peer payments. We’ll show you how easy it is to send others money….
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