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The Fastest Way to Take Voice Notes on Android

Voice notes are a great way to quickly record your thoughts. It’s easier than spending time typing and worrying about punctuation. Let’s make it as fast as possible to take voice notes with your Android phone….

How to Disable Location Tracking on Android

Your Android phone has a lot of sensors doing a bunch of different things. If you’re concerned about privacy, location tracking is one you may be concerned about. Thankfully, Android makes it easy to disable GPS and other loc…

How to See All Open Windows at Once on a Chromebook

If you find yourself knee-deep in open apps and windows on your Chromebook, you may want some help to find what you need. Chrome OS has a similar feature to “Task View” on Windows 10 and 11. Chrome OS calls it “Overview.” Let…

Stop Using Flashlight Apps

Flashlight apps were once a clever tool inspired by everyone having a display in their pocket. Those days are long gone, though. You shouldn’t be using flashlight apps anymore. We’ll explain why and what you should use instea…

How to Spoof Your Location on Android

It should be no surprise that your Android phone knows your location. There are times when you may not want your phone—or other people—to track you. We’ll show you how to easily fake your location and set your location to…

The 5 Most Bizarre Phones of All Time

Modern phones have mostly converged into basic shapes with common materials. It hasn’t always been this way, though. There have been some truly strange design and function decisions over the years. Let’s take a look at some o…

It’s Time to Ditch Your Old Android Phone

Android phones have been commonplace for well over a decade. Nearly everyone who has used one has used more than one. You probably have some old phones laying around, and it’s well past time to get rid of them….

What Is Microsoft Phone Link on Windows 10 and 11?

Many people use a Windows PC and Android phone throughout the day. Making these two platforms work together is important, which is where Microsoft Phone Link—formerly known as “Your Phone”—comes in. We’ll explain why you …

How to Duet on TikTok

Some of TikTok’s most popular features include the ability to react and respond to other videos. “Duet” is one way to do this—it’s sorta like reacting in real-time to another TikTok video. We’ll show you how it works….

How to Add a Delay to Google Assistant Routines

Google Assistant “Routines” can be super handy for automating your life. Typically, Assistant performs the actions immediately on command, but what if you don’t want something to happen right away? You can use a delay to do t…

5 Tech Terms You’re Saying Wrong

Spending a lot of time with technology often means reading terms before hearing them pronounced aloud. The first time you read a word will stick in your head, but it’s not always correct. You’re probably saying some terms wro…

What’s New in Chrome 100, Available Now

13 years after the first release, Chrome has finally hit triple digits. Google is celebrating Chrome 100 with a shiny new icon, more tools for web apps, and some feature removals you may not like. Let’s dive into March 28, 20…
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