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How to Use TikTok on a Chromebook

TikTok is very much designed to be experienced on a vertical smartphone display. However, you don’t have to just use your iPhone or Android phone. We’ll show you how to use TikTok on a Chromebook.

How Many eBooks Can Fit on a Kindle?

Kindle eReaders have a few advantages over physical books. One of the biggest is simply the sheer quantity of books you can carry with you. Just how many eBooks can you fit on a Kindle? Let’s find out….

What Is Kindle Unlimited, and Is It Worth It?

There are plenty of services that will let you consume as many TV shows, movies, and music as you want for a monthly fee. But what about books? Is there a streaming service for books? Meet “Kindle Unlimited.”…

5 Surprising Things You Can’t Say on TikTok

People think of TikTok as an “anything goes” platform, but that’s far from true. There are some very mild words that will get you in trouble if used. You may be surprised by just how innocent some of them are….

How to Change the Default Phone App on Android

With everything that phones can do, it’s easy to forget they are phones at the core. On Android, you have the choice to swap your phone (dialer) apps with something else from the Play Store. We’ll show you how to do it….

How to Install the Android 13 Beta on Your Phone

Android 13 is the latest version of Google’s operating system and it’s scheduled for an official release in late 2022. Until then, you can try it out with the Android 13 Beta program. We’ll show you how easy it is….

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

The “Contacts” app is probably one of the most neglected apps on your Android phone. Email, SMS, and phone apps use your contacts, so it’s important to routinely clean them up. We’ll show you how to combine duplicates….

What’s New in Chrome 101, Available Now

Chrome hit the big 100 in March 2022, but the celebration is over now. We’re back already with another release on April 26, 2022. Chrome 101 includes more improvements to the new download UI, saving Tab Groups, and the passwo…

How to Restart a Phone Without the Power Button

Sometimes the physical power buttons on Android phones and iPhones stop working. The longer you use a device, the more likely that moving parts will fail. Can you restart a phone without the power button? There are options….

How to Transfer EPUB to Kindle

Kindle eReaders are not limited to books from the Amazon Store. When you get eBooks from other sources, a common file format is EPUB. We’ll show you a few methods to get these files onto your Kindle.

How to Add Wireless Charging to Any Phone

Wireless charging is one of those smartphone features that’s not essential, but it’s super convenient if you have it. You may think if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging there’s no way to retroactively add it. You’d be…

Sony LinkBuds Review: A Hole New Idea

So many truly wireless earbuds simply mimic the Apple AirPods. They don’t bring any new ideas to the table. The Sony LinkBuds feature a wildly unique design and approach to wireless earbuds. Thankfully, the risk paid off….

How to Install Android 12L on a Google Pixel

Google introduced Android 12L in late 2021 and after a short beta period it’s rolling out to Pixel phones. Well, some Pixel phones. If you don’t have Android 12L on your Pixel yet, we’ll show you how to get it….
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