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How to Track Your Kid’s Location on Android

Tracking someone’s location is a touchy subject, but there are legitimate reasons why you might want to do it. One common example is tracking your child’s location. We’ll show you how to keep an eye on their whereabouts….

How to Identify Objects with Your iPhone

Having a camera on your phone opens up a world of possibilities. The iPhone can identify objects from your photos, saving you the hassle of looking things up yourself. It’s a pretty cool trick to know….

What Are Push Notifications?

In our always-connected world, we’re constantly being barraged with notifications. There are plenty of different types of notifications, but one term you’ve probably seen a lot is “Push Notifications.” We’ll explain what you …

How to Unarchive an Email in Gmail

Gmail offers two ways to get rid of an email: “Archive” and “Delete.” They may sound the same, but there’s a big difference. Unlike deleted emails, archived emails are never completely gone and can easily be unarchived. We’ll…

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

Switching to an iPhone from Android might seem like a daunting process. You probably have a deep contact list that has been curated over the years. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to transfer your contacts to an iPhone….

How to Use Gmail on an Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets famously do not come with any Google services out of the box. However, you’re not out of luck if you want to use Gmail on your affordable Fire tablet. There are actually several methods to do it….

How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

A finely curated list of bookmarks makes your web browsing experience a lot easier. We’ll show you how to export your Google Chrome bookmarks so you can bring them to any new browser and feel at home.

How to Use Google Duo on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are great for simplicity, but that also means their features are a bit limited. Not all video calling services support Chrome OS. But one that works really well on Chromebooks is Google Duo. We’ll show you how it …

How to Delete a Playlist on Spotify

Much of the Spotify experience revolves around playlists. There are thousands of public playlists created by Spotify itself and people like you. Chances are you’ve accumulated a few in your library. We’ll show you how to get …

How to Set Up Face Unlock on Samsung Galaxy Phones

Some smartphones are moving away from fingerprints and using facial recognition for biometric security. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you likely can use both fingerprint and face unlock to get into your handset. We’ll sh…

Can You Use an Amazon Fire Tablet as a Kindle?

Amazon Fire tablets—formerly known as Kindle Fire tablets—are distinctly different than Kindle e-readers. However, when it comes to reading, both will get the job done. We’ll show you how to use your Fire tablet like a Ki…

What’s New in Chrome 93, Available Now

Google Chrome marches on with new releases every four weeks. Version 93 of the popular browser includes features for progressive web apps and new theme support for Android 12 devices. It arrived on August 31, 2021. Read on to…

How to Quickly Hear Your Commute Time on Android

Ideally, your commute takes the same amount of time every day, but traffic and construction have other things in mind. We’ll show you how to make a clever home screen shortcut to easily see and hear how long it will take on y…

How to Set Up Samsung Pay on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, unsurprisingly, come pre-loaded with several Samsung apps. One such example is Samsung Pay. Even if you don’t use Samsung Pay on your phone, it’s a great app to set up on your watch to make mobile…
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