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How to Make Custom Text Shortcuts on iPhone

Typing things out on an iPhone keyboard can be tiresome, but it doesn’t have to be that way for everything. You can make custom text shortcuts to automatically be replaced with longer words or phrases. It’s a super handy feat…

5 Ways Windows Phone Was Ahead of Its Time

In the mobile OS landscape, Windows Phone wasn’t around for very long (2010-2017). It was never very popular, but Microsoft infused it with some new, interesting ideas. A few of those ideas ended up being ahead of their time….

How to Schedule Dark Mode on Windows 11

Windows 11 has a nice Dark Mode, but just like Windows 10, it can’t be scheduled to turn on automatically at night. Thankfully, there is a way to fix this without downloading any extra software.

Do You Really Need Unlimited Data?

The holy grail of cellular plans is unlimited data. Everyone wants to be able to stream and download without worrying about going over limits. Do you actually need unlimited data, though? Here are some things to consider….

iPhone Emoji Are the Worst (and Here’s Proof)

Every platform has its own unique design language for emoji. Naturally, some of these designs are better than others. For a company known for its attention to design, Apple’s iPhone emoji are surprisingly ugly. I’ll prove it …

Stop Changing Your Email Font

Font plays a very important role in how we perceive written text. It can be the difference between plain and formal or fun and casual. If you’ve changed the font in your email client, you probably shouldn’t….

The Fastest Way to Type a Period on iPhone

The iPhone keyboard is one of the most popular keyboards on the planet, but it’s not without its quirks. Strangely, the period key is buried in the secondary layout. There’s a much faster way to use it, though….

What Is Twitter Circle, and Should You Use It?

Twitter makes it easy to blast your thoughts out for everyone to see. However, you may not always want all your followers to see every single tweet. That’s where a feature called “Twitter Circle” comes in….

How to Crop Videos on Android

We typically think of cropping as a tool for photo editing, but it can be used on videos, too. Sometimes the original aspect ratio doesn’t fit what you want. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to crop videos on Android….

How to Manage Notification Grouping on iPhone

iPhone notifications can be a bit overwhelming at times. Notification Grouping is a feature that aims to help you clean things up. We’ll show you how to use it to bring some more organization to your iPhone….

Stop Putting Your Phone in Rice

For nearly as long as smartphones have existed, people have been putting them in rice after dropping them in water. This often-repeated “trick” to save a water-logged phone has gone too far. Allow us to explain….

Can You Unsend in iMessage?

iMessage on the iPhone feels like an instant messaging app, but it doesn’t quite have all the same features. What if you accidentally send a message to someone? Can you undo it? The answer is a little complicated….

What Is Bionic Reading, and How Do You Use It?

It’s no mystery that some fonts are easier to read than others. “Bionic Reading” is a tool that’s more than just font, and it could improve your reading speed and comprehension. Here’s what you need to know….

12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Tabs in Google Chrome

Tabs are an indispensable part of web browsers. Navigating between tabs and keeping them organized can be a challenge—especially if you love to keep tons of them open. We’ll show you some nifty keyboard shortcuts for Google…
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