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Why Is It Called “Black Friday”?

The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. has become known as “Black Friday.” Retailers across the country drop prices to kick off the Holiday shopping season. Where did the name for this wild day of consumerism come from?…

StumbleUpon Made the Internet Feel Small

The internet is home to over one billion websites—and no great way to aimlessly explore them. StumbleUpon was the answer to this problem. It put a big “Shuffle” button on the internet, and the web didn’t feel so big….

You’re Tracking Your Sleep Wrong

Whether it’s a smartwatch, fitness tracker, or smart display, a growing number of people have devices that can track sleep. It’s great to have that information, but knowing your sleep cycles isn’t actually going to improve yo…

How Many Websites Are on the Internet?

To say the internet is “big” would be a massive understatement. It’s become the central place where an incredible amount of activity occurs. Most of that activity is happening on websites, so just how many are there?…

We’ve Finally Reached Peak Streaming

There was a time when it felt like a new streaming service launched each month. Every media company had to have their own service—and that may have finally happened. No new services launched in 2022….

How Many Ads Are on Netflix’s Basic Plan?

Netflix is largely responsible for the ad-free, monthly subscription streaming model that has become so popular. However, Netflix now has a “Basic with Ads” plan that includes ads for a lower price. But just how many ads is i…

The 5 Most Infamous Computer Hackers of All Time

Hackers mostly exist outside the public consciousness—just doing their thing and lying low. Once in a while, something big enough happens to make everyone notice. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. Let’s take a look a…

Where Does Google Maps Get Its Traffic Data From?

Google Maps is arguably one of the best services to have been created in the internet era. It’s stuffed to the brim with helpful features, including real-time traffic congestion information. Where exactly is Google getting th…

Google Pixel 7 Review: It’s All Coming Together

Google is already on its 11th series of Pixel phones (when you include the budget-friendly A-series), but each one seems to have had some sort of quality control issue. The Pixel 7 aims to put it all together, and Google may …

You Should Be Using Focus Mode on the iPhone

The iPhone is generally considered a “simple” smartphone to use, but it has become packed with features over the years. “Focus” is one feature that is particularly jam-packed with powerful tools. We’ll show you why it’s wort…

How to Silence Your iPhone or iPad When Reading

iPhones (and iPads) are great devices for reading, especially those times when you don’t have access to an eReader. However, it’s still a phone (or tablet), and phones (or tablets) are distracting. We’ll show you how to autom…

What’s New in Chrome 107, Available Now

As October winds down, it’s time for another Chrome release. Version 107 of Google’s popular browser arrived on October 25, 2022, and it includes further work on some under-the-hood features to make your web browsing safer….

The Galaxy Watch 5 Is a Better Pixel Watch

Samsung phones are great, but they’re overloaded with features—Google Pixel phones offer a better Android experience for most people. However, I can’t say the same about the Pixel Watch. Samsung out-Googled Google this time…

5 Android Screenshot Tricks You Should Know

Android’s diverse landscape of devices makes for a lot of variety in features. Take screenshots, for example—there are many ways to take and edit them. We’ll show you some of the tricks you may not know about….

Which Streaming Service Has the Most Movies?

There are dozens of streaming services to choose from, but which one is most likely to have the movies you want to watch? Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ seem like the top choices, but are they really? Let’s find out….

Yes, Emoji Have Multiple Meanings Too

In case you haven’t heard, Gen Z has apparently “canceled” a handful of emoji, including the thumbs-up. That’s absolutely not true, but it’s brought something interesting to light. Do people not realize emojis have multiple m…

What’s the Cheapest Way to Get Audiobooks?

Audiobooks have become an extremely popular way to “read” books. You have a handful of solid choices if you’re looking to get started. However, unlike music streaming, the pricing of these services is all over the board. What…

Google Pixel Watch Review: This Is It?

After years of pleas from fans, the Pixel Watch finally shows us Google’s vision of a smartwatch. Can Fitbit integration and a focus on design give Android fans an Apple Watch equivalent? That’s what Google has set out to do….
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