The Windows 10 FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Now that Windows 10 is available for public download and installation people have more questions than ever about the new version of Windows. We’ve rounded up the questions we get most frequently here at How-To Geek and compiled them to help you get up to speed about Windows 10.

How to Monitor Your Network Usage in Windows 10

Mobile and broadband data caps alike have made people very conscientious of their data usage. Windows 10 includes a built-in network usage monitor that, unlike its predecessor, is actually a pretty useful way to keep an eye on your bandwidth consumption. Read on as we show you how.

How to Import iPhone Pictures and Movies into Picasa

If you’re a fan of Google’s Picasa picture management program and the iPhone, you’ve likely already discovered the unfortunate state of affairs: with the default settings Picasa can’t import pictures from iOS devices. Read on as we show you how to tweak your workflow and get things importing smoothly.

Why Can’t I Delete Photos Off My iPhone Anymore?

After years of being able to manage your photos by mounting your iOS device just like a flash drive, suddenly you can no longer delete pictures from your device like you used to. Read on as we show you how to tame your iPhone can get back to managing your files the way you want.

How to Control Your Smarthome with Your Pebble Smartwatch

You don’t need the ability to turn your lights on and off, adjust the thermostat, or unlock the door from your wristwatch but it’s the 21st century and with a little help from a home automation hub and a smartwatch you can live like the future is now. Read on as we show you how to control your home with your Pebble.