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How to Back Up Your GitLab Server

Organizations using a self-managed GitLab instance usually rely on it to hold their source code, project management, and operational tooling. It’s vital to have functioning backups so your data’s protected in case of a hardwa…

How to Use Enums in PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 will finally add language support for enums. Enums, short for enumerations, are types which can only be instantiated with specific values. They’re commonly found in other object-oriented languages but have previously …

How to SSH Into a Docker Container

SSH is one of the most-used commands in a sysadmin’s toolbox but it’s not commonly seen alongside Docker. Here’s how you can SSH into a running container and why you should think twice before you do.

How to Send Web Push Notifications With PHP

The Web Push API lets you send push notifications to web browsers and APIs. While most of the logic happens in the browser, you still need a server-side component to generate your notifications. Here’s how to implement a Web …

How to Manage Linux Wi-Fi Networks With Nmtui

Nmtui is a terminal application which lets you manage your Wi-Fi connections on Linux distributions that use NetworkManager. It exposes most of the functionality of the Nmcli CLI in a basic graphical interface….

What Is “Multi-Cloud” and Why Does It Matter?

“Multi-cloud” refers to the use of multiple cloud computing services within a single architecture. Proponents of the approach argue it gives you greater flexibility and resiliency by eliminating any reliance on a single vendo…
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