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10 Tools That Complement Docker

Docker is the best known containerization platform but it doesn’t exist in isolation. An entire ecosystem of complementary tools and spin-off projects has sprung up around the shift to containers.

How to Manage Docker Engine Plugins

Docker Engine supports a plugin system that lets you add extra functionality to the container runtime. Plugins for new storage drivers, networking stacks, and logging systems are all freely available.

What Is Prometheus and Why Is It So Popular?

Prometheus is an open-source monitoring solution for collecting and aggregating metrics as time series data. Put more simply, each item in a Prometheus store is a metric event accompanied by the timestamp it occurred….

What Is BusyBox and Where Is It Used?

BusyBox is a collection of core Unix utilities packaged as a single binary. This makes it ideal for resource-constrained environments such as embedded devices. The complete distribution has almost 400 of the most common comma…

How to Use Docker to Safely Try Out Software

Docker lets you package up software as self-sufficient containers that share their host’s kernel but look and feel like independent VMs. The software within runs with near-native performance. This makes Docker containers a gr…

How to Use an NVIDIA GPU with Docker Containers

Docker containers don’t see your system’s GPU automatically. This causes reduced performance in GPU-dependent workloads such as machine learning frameworks. Here’s how to expose your host’s NVIDIA GPU to your containers….

What’s New In Kubernetes v1.23?

Kubernetes v1.23 is the last major release of 2021. The latest update to the leading container orchestration platform promotes 11 features to the stable channel, marking them as suitable for general use. Here’s what you need …

What Are Kubernetes Controllers and Operators?

The Kubernetes terms “controller” and “operator” refer to two different patterns that transition a cluster into a desired state. Controllers are an established concept whereas Operators have emerged more recently to describe …

What’s New In Kotlin 1.6?

Kotlin 1.6 is out with new features, an improved experimental memory manager, and an enhanced standard library. The additions help mature JetBrains’ increasingly popular cross-platform and cross-discipline language….

What’s New In PHP 8.1?

PHP 8.1 was released in November 2021 as the latest minor version of the PHP language. It adds several new language features alongside some smaller improvements and performance enhancements. There are a few breaking changes t…

How (and Why) to Run Docker Inside Docker

Running Docker inside Docker lets you build images and start containers within an already containerized environment. There are two possible approaches to achieve this depending on whether you want to start child or sibling co…

What’s New In C# 10?

C# 10 was released in November 2021 alongside Visual Studio 2022 and .NET 6. It adds several new features which make it easier and more convenient to work with. Here’s a tour of some of the most useful additions and how they’…
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