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How to Run GUI Applications in a Docker Container

Docker’s normally used to containerise background applications and CLI programs. You can also use it to run graphical programs though! You can either use an existing X Server, where the host machine is already running a graph…

How to Sync a Redux Store Across Browser Tabs

Redux is a convenient way to manage state in complex web apps. Your Redux store isn’t synced across tabs though, which can lead to some awkward scenarios. If the user logs out in one tab, it would be ideal for that action to …

How to Use Docker to Containerize PHP and Apache

Docker containers make your app portable across environments. Once you’ve got a container image, you can use it anywhere Docker is available. Here’s how to containerize a PHP web application using the Apache server….

How to Add Persistent Storage to Kubernetes Pods

Kubernetes Pod filesystems are ephemeral by default. This is in keeping with the stateless nature of containers. Persistent data should be stored outside the container, even when it looks like it’s within the container’s file…

Managing Secrets in Kubernetes

Kubernetes Secrets let you store confidential information safely. Using a Secret removes the need to bake sensitive data into manifest definitions or plain container images.

How to Use State in Functional React Components

React components can possess internal “state,” a set of key-value pairs which belong to the component. When the state changes, React re-renders the component. Historically, state could only be used in class components. Using …

What Is The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)?

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a standard defining how external programs can provide information to web servers. CGI provides a mechanism for web servers like Apache to exchange data with programming languages such as …

How to Resize a DigitalOcean Droplet

Droplets are the fundamental computing unit on DigitalOcean. A droplet is a virtual machine with one or more vCPUs. They have a fixed amount of RAM and a dedicated portion of SSD storage.

How to Create Your Own Private Docker Registry

Running your own Docker registry gives you a private place to store your Docker images. Whether you’re in a corporate environment or just want to reduce your reliance on Docker Hub, here’s how you can get up and running with …

How to Use Full-Text Searches in MySQL

Full-Text Search is a database technique which will retrieve records even if they don’t exactly match your search criteria. This enables rich natural language searching that feels more familiar.

How Does Kubernetes Work?

Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform that automates the deployment and scaling of containerized workloads. Kubernetes has gained a reputation for being complex and unwieldy. Here’s how individual components combin…

Approaches to Creating Typed Arrays in PHP

PHP doesn’t let you define typed arrays. Any array can contain any value, which makes it tricky to enforce consistency in your codebase. Here are a few workarounds to help you create typed collections of objects using existin…

How to Manipulate JavaScript Arrays

JavaScript arrays are data structures which let you store multiple values under a single variable name. Arrays are a type of object. They come with several utility methods you can use to manipulate their data….

How to Prune Unused Docker Resources

Docker lets you quickly package your applications as containers, making it possible to run them anywhere from your laptop to a public cloud. After using Docker for a while, you can accumulate a large number of redundant conta…

How to Set Kubernetes Pod Resource Limits

Setting resource limits on your Kubernetes pods prevents an errant container from impacting other workloads. Kubernetes lets you cap resources, including CPU and memory consumption. Pods can be terminated when their limits ar…

Kubernetes Alternatives to Docker Commands

Docker usually provides a developer’s first introduction to containers. Kubernetes is an orchestration platform which solves challenges around running containers in production. Here’s how Docker commands map to their Kubernet…
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