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What’s New In PHP 8.2?

PHP 8.2 was released in December 2022 as the latest minor version in the PHP 8.x release cycle. It adds new features that build upon the capabilities of previous versions, further simplifying the development experience. In th…

The Business Case for Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery (CD) pipelines automatically release code to live environments as it’s integrated into your project’s main branch. This allows developers to focus on building new features, instead of manually rolling out …

What Is Kubernetes Server-Side Apply (SSA)?

Server-Side Apply (SSA) has been generally available in Kubernetes since the v1.22 release in August 2021. It’s a strategy for declarative resource management that improves diff calculations and warns about merge conflicts by…

Should You Set Kubernetes CPU Limits?

Managing the resources available to your Pods and containers is a best practice step for Kubernetes administration. You need to prevent Pods from greedily consuming your cluster’s CPU and memory. Excess utilization by one set…

How to Backup Kubernetes MySQL Operator Clusters

Oracle’s MySQL Operator for Kubernetes is a convenient way to automate MySQL database provisioning within your cluster. One of the operator’s headline features is integrated hands-off backup support that increases your resili…

How to Back Up Your Docker Volumes

Docker volumes are used to store persistent data separately from your containers. Data that’s kept in a volume remains accessible after your containers stop, allowing you to containerize stateful workloads….

How to Resize a Kubernetes StatefulSet’s Volumes

Kubernetes StatefulSets are used to deploy stateful applications inside your cluster. Each Pod in the StatefulSet can access local persistent volumes that stick to it even after it’s rescheduled. This allows Pods to maintain …
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