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What Is TDP for CPUs and GPUs?

You often see TDP measurements on specification sheets, and it’s important info for people with desktop PCs. But TDP definitions are like opinions—everybody’s got one. Let’s cut through the confusion and talk about what a T…

How Writers Can Use GitHub to Store Their Work

There are many ways you can manage and store your writing projects. Some people prefer cloud storage services (like Dropbox) or online editors (like Google Docs), while others use desktop applications (like Microsoft Word). I…

What Is microSD Express, and Why Does It Matter?

SD cards—everybody’s got a few, but nobody thinks much about them. That’s a testament to how well they work. But performance always matters, and microSD Express promises to make microSD cards much faster….

Which Gaming Monitor Features Actually Matter?

There’s only one thing the PC gaming world loves more than games, and that’s inscrutable terminology. “Yeah, my display’s got G-Sync, 1ms GTG, a 16:9 aspect ratio, plus it’s HDR, of course. Man, you won’t see any ghosting on …

PCIe 4.0: What’s New and Why It Matters

PCI Express 4.0 hardware is here at long last. Solid state drives (SSDs) and graphics cards with PCIe 4.0 support debuted in June during Computex 2019. That’s all thanks to AMD.
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