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The Best SD Cards of 2023

Fast, durable, and efficient, SD cards are the perfect tool for expanding storage space. Whether you need additional storage for your camera, game console, smartphone, or another device, these cards have you covered….

The Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Cases of 2023

The glass back of the Google Pixel 7 Pro looks incredible, but it can also easily slip out of your hands if you’re not careful. A case will ensure you have a grip on your smartphone while offering features such as card storag…

The Best USB-C Hubs of 2023

Laptop manufacturers are forgoing additional ports for slimmer designs and increased portability. This leaves you to rely on wireless technology such as Bluetooth to connect. Want more ports? Add a USB-C hub….

The Best Laptop Stands of 2023

Laptop stands come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are portable, others replicate standing desks, and more still have integrated cooling pads. We found the best.

What Is Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)?

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) is a term commonly associated with electrical devices like UPSes, stabilizers, and generators that make use of voltage regulators. But what does it mean, and how important is it?…

Should You Plug a UPS Into a Surge Protector?

In the quest for the ultimate combination of battery backup and surge protection, the UPS-in-surge protector question has been asked for years, with no clear-cut answer. Many recommend plugging a UPS into a surge protector; y…

The Best iPhone 14 Pro Cases of 2023

The right smartphone case looks awesome, feels great in your hand, and protects your phone from damage. Since you’re paying top dollar for Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro, you should get a case that will keep it in great shape….

What Can a UPS Battery Backup Power?

A power outage can be a tech nightmare. It may cause you to lose important work and unsaved game progress and leave you unable to use the Wi-Fi for what might seem like ages—a UPS can easily mitigate this. But what devices …

The Best iPhone 13 Wallet Cases of 2023

A wallet case is great if you want to consolidate how much you carry when you’re out and about. Most iPhone 13 wallet cases can only hold a few cards, but we have a bulkier pick that can hold a lot of cards and cash….

The Best Car Phone Mounts of 2023

If you don’t have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay in your vehicle, you’ll use your smartphone for directions and listening to music. A car phone mount can ensure your device is in an easy-to-see place so you can use it while dr…

The Best Surge Protectors of 2023

Don’t risk it: You need a surge protector to save your electronics from power surges. The right surge protector can take a beating and will protect your gadgets even after it fails. We’ll help you pick the best ones for your …
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