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The Best Smart Blinds of 2023

Smart blinds allow you to control your blinds easily using a companion app or smart home hub. You can set a schedule so your blinds open and close automatically or control them manually from anywhere. Smart blinds can make yo…

DisplayPort vs. HDMI: Which Is Better?

If you have a monitor or display that’s capable of both DisplayPort and HDMI, which should you choose? Since these ports have different capabilities and purposes, it’s important to understand when to use DisplayPort and when …

How Much Storage Space Does My PC Need?

Whether you’re purchasing a new PC or laptop, or upgrading your existing machine, you’ll need to consider how much hard disk space you need. Do you need more for certain games and applications? Is bigger really better? Let’s …

How Fast Should My Computer’s CPU Be?

Your processor should be fast enough to handle your usage, but determining how fast that is can be tricky. From browsing the internet to online gaming, your computer’s CPU speed can make a huge impact on how it performs….

How to Buy a New CPU for Your Motherboard

The central processing unit (CPU) is an integral part of any PC. But how do you choose the best CPU that’s compatible with your motherboard? Do you opt for AMD or Intel? Budget-friendly or power-hungry?…

What Is N-Key Rollover (NKRO)?

N-key rollover, referred to as NKRO, is a feature seen in many mechanical keyboards. It allows the user to press multiple keys at once, registering each key press individually. This is particularly useful for gamers who press…

How Much RAM Does Your PC Need?

From loading up your computer’s operating system to opening an internet browser or running an application, your PC requires a minimum amount of RAM to function effectively. However, throwing more RAM at your PC doesn’t necess…
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