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5 DuckDuckGo Features You Should Be Using

DuckDuckGo is primarily known for its focus on privacy. But the search engine (and now browser) offers several helpful features, many of which aren’t even available on Google or Bing. So if you are new to DuckDuckGo, here ar…

Wi-Fi 5 vs. Wi-Fi 6: What’s the Difference?

If you want to buy wireless networking gear, Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 are two of the most prevalent wireless generations you’ll currently find on the market. But what makes Wi-Fi 6 different from Wi-Fi 5, and is it better?…

The Best iPad Cases (10th Generation) of 2023

Apple’s 10th-generation iPad is as fragile as ever. A solid case will protect your iPad from shattering when you drop it or scratching up when you put it in a bag. Cases can double up as convenient stands, too….

Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky,” Explained

The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button has been a fixture on the Google homepage since day one. But many people have no clue what it means or what it does. So what is the function of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button?…

WhatsApp Not Working? 9 Troubleshooting Tips

WhatsApp is a great way to connect with family, friends, and even businesses. But like all apps, it isn’t immune to problems, which you may be encountering right now. So why is WhatsApp not working or not connecting on your d…

The Best Google Pixel 7 Cases of 2023

Although the Google Pixel 7 features a tough Gorilla Glass back, it’s still susceptible to damage from drops. To best protect your Pixel, grab a case that provides rugged protection without taking away from the sleek design o…

The Best Apple AirPods Pro Accessories of 2023

Apple’s AirPods Pro are a premium experience at a premium price. Protect your earbuds and get the best experience from them with these accessories, from durable cases and cleaners to charging docks and new ear tips….

The Best Mesh Routers of 2023

A quality mesh router can transmit speedy and reliable wireless internet to every part of your home, eliminating dead spots once and for all. If you’re ready to upgrade your router, these picks are some of the best….

Why Does My Phone Keep Randomly Restarting?

Whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone, a smartphone under normal working conditions shouldn’t restart without any interaction from you. Such behavior can point to many problems that might need your attention. Here are so…

How to Enable Low Power Mode on Apple Watch

There are several ways to squeeze out more battery life from your Apple Watch. But in case you needed one more, Apple introduced a new Low Power Mode in watchOS 9. Here’s what it does and how you can enable it….

Does a Factory Reset Remove Viruses?

Viruses and other malware are an unfortunate reality of the modern age. If your phone or computer has fallen prey to them, one of the recommended solutions is doing a factory reset. But will it make your device safe again?…

How to Best Place an Air Purifier

An air purifier can help improve your home’s indoor air quality, but its placement can severely impact its efficiency in cleaning the surrounding air. So, where should you put your air purifier?

The Best Android Smartwatches of 2023

Are you looking for a smartwatch to pair with your Android phone? From advanced fitness trackers to devices that look like luxury analog watches and everything in between, there’s a perfect Android smartwatch for you….

What Is a 1000R Curved Monitor?

Curved monitors continue to increase in popularity, and if you’ve considered buying one, you probably have seen the 1000R nomenclature. But what does the 1000R moniker represent, and should you buy a 1000R curved monitor?…

What Ever Happened to Plasma TVs?

Once regarded for their picture quality, plasma TVs no longer have a place in the market. But what led to the disappearance of this TV technology? And if you’re looking for a plasma TV replacement, what should you get?…

What Is a Tenkeyless (TKL) Keyboard?

When it comes to shopping for a keyboard, one of the deciding factors is size. Although many of the gazillion options on the market are full-size keyboards, the tenkeyless keyboards have gained much popularity. So why is that…

What’s the Best TV Viewing Distance?

The distance you sit from your TV plays a significant role in getting an immersive experience. If you sit too close, you may notice pixel-level imperfections or strain your eyes, but if you sit too far, you may miss smaller d…
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