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Should You Get an “Ultra HD” 4K TV?

Walk through any electronics showroom¬†and most TVs you see will be some form of ‚ÄúUltra HD‚ÄĚ 4K. There are plenty of models available, and they‚Äôre¬†cheaper than ever. But¬†should you buy one?

How to Check a Video’s Bitrate In VLC

A video’s bitrate is a key piece of information in determining¬†the quality of said video.¬†Even if two videos have the same resolution, a lower bitrate is going to result in¬†less detail and clarity. Here’s how to see¬†the b…

How to Search Your Amazon Order History

You order so much stuff from Amazon, it’s tough to keep track of it all. If you need to go back through your history to find something you’ve ordered before, you can scroll through pages and pages of¬†items you’ve bought,¬†bu…
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