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Eric Z Goodnight is an Illustrator and Stetson-wearing wild man. During the day, he manages IT and product development for screenprinted apparel manufacturing; by night he creates geek art posters, writes JavaScript, and records weekly podcasts about comics.

On the first day of 2016, Mozilla terminated support for a weakening security technology called SHA-1 in the Firefox web browser. Almost immediately, they reversed their decision, as it would cut access to some older websites. But in February 2017, their fears finally came true: researchers broke SHA-1 by creating the first real-world collision attack. Here’s what all that means.

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You might have seen a notification that things are changing in your inbox. Starting February 2017, Gmail changed its policy regarding JavaScript. Here’s why this is changing, and how you can protect yourself from malicious JavaScript.

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It only takes seconds to lose everything you value on your computer, but thankfully, backing up everything doesn’t take forever and can be very cheap. Your data is very easy to lose, with malware, hardware failure, and general stupidity lurking around every corner–and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

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As with most things, when you dissect a popular term like “resolution” to an acedemic (or geeky) level, you find that it’s not as simple as you might have been led to believe. Today we’re going to see just how far the concept of “resolution” goes, briefly talk about the implications of the term, and a little bit about what higher resolution means in graphics, printing, and photography.

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With recent acts of terrorism in Paris and Lebanon, news media and government have been using the word “encryption” as if it’s somehow to blame. Nonsense. Encryption is easy to understand, and if you’re not using it, you should be.

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You’ve seen it over and over. The FBI uses their advanced technology to “enhance” a blurry image, and find a villain’s face in the worst possible footage. Well, How-To Geek is calling their bluff. Read on to see why.

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So you’ve shelled out the money for a fancy inkjet photo printer, only you’re not impressed with the images you’re getting out of your standard office paper. Have you ever wondered why that photo paper works so much better?

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It can be tough porting your videos and music to every device you use. How do you know your Mac, Xbox, and Windows Machine can read your files? Read on to find your perfect USB drive solution.

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You might know that there are special cameras for shooting panoramic pictures. Today, we’ll put one together in seconds that we shot with a regular digital camera and a tripod. Grab your favorite image editor and camera, and let’s go!

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I have to be honest. I love the look of pixelated graphics! If you’re also a fan of jaggies or old school video game graphics, here is a simple trick to relive a little bit of that low pixel-depth goodness in any version of Photoshop.

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We send a lot of email these days—at work, at home, on our phones… But do you know what all the email jargon means? Keep reading to find out more about the difference between the various ways to receive email.

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When you’re shooting portraits, the soft background look keeps distracting backgrounds from ruining a shot. If you’ve not shot correctly, here’s a quick, simple tip to pop out your foreground and keep the most important parts the most visible.

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Encryption tools exist to protect your privacy… and also to make you feel like you’re an awesome spy. Today we’ll use a portable USB drive to hold all of your passwords encrypted in a virtual disk hidden inside a file.

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Printers have been using line tones to create rich looking images long before there was any digital art. Today we’ll be using Photoshop tricks (with no filters) to turn an ordinary photograph into old-timey line tone style piece of art.

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Creating animations from scratch in Photoshop might seem daunting, but in fact, they’re very simple. Fire up Photoshop and grab some of your files. It’s time to annoy the pants off of your friends with lots of animated GIFs!

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One of the characters you might have seen around How-To Geek is our very own “Keyboard Ninja.” Today, we honor him in t-shirt form, and you can pick the first design you’d like to see printed for the HTG store.

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For those of you of the artistic persuasion, you might be using Photoshop or GIMP to color your scanned drawings. Fortunately, putting the line art in a transparent layer is very easy with this slick technique.

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If you think Photoshop is the most powerful tool in a photographer’s toolbox, think again. Whether you’re using freeware, Adobe Camera Raw, or Lightroom, Raw developing tools are the best way to turn good pictures into great ones.

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You might laugh at the high retail prices for “premium” cables at big box retail stores. But is it possible that a higher quality cable can give you a better digital signal? The nuance of the answer may surprise you.

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Creating a background image for your webpage (or desktop background) isn’t challenging at all. In fact, even a newbie Photoshop user can bash one out in about ten seconds. Here’s the simplest of simple methods with surprising, great results.

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If you’ve followed along, you’ve bought hosting and installed WordPress software for a swanky new webpage. Today we’ll explain the less obvious perks of WordPress and how you can get a bit more mileage out of your new web software.

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Last week we talked about how to buy and start a simple website using WordPress. Today, we’ll start customizing our WordPress site and get you off on the right foot to having a great quality, feature rich website.

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You’ve probably put up plenty of pages and accounts on various services and blogs. But today, learn how to become a real website owner and put together an awesome feature-rich website of your own with little to no experience.

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Maybe you’ve always wanted more of yourself. Or maybe you’ve always thought you could be your own best friend! Regardless of your reasons, here’s how to duplicate yourself with some clever photograph tricks and either Photoshop or GIMP.

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Somewhere in your home, there’s a box of old analog photographs you probably want digital copies of. Unless you know how to use your scanner correctly, the image quality can turn out poor. Here’s how to get the best results.

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