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Now Even Windows 3.1 Has Wordle Clones

Wordle is everywhere nowadays. You can find clones of the now New York Times-owned game all over the place. There are even versions of the game popping up on the beloved Windows 3.1 operating system, letting those old-school …

Google Is Testing an Even Darker Dark Mode

Google recently added a dark mode to Search, much to the excitement of many users. Now, the company appears to be testing an even darker dark mode, making the search screen appear pitch black instead of gray….

Spotify Car Thing Is Now Available for $90

Spotify is making it easier to listen to music in your car with its new Car Thing gadget. The $90 device is officially available to all Spotify members after a brief test period where only certain Spotify users could get one….

Google Is Testing Huge Changes to Its Home Page

The Google homepage is one of the most comfortable places on the internet. You go there, and you’re greeted by a simple search box with nothing else. But that might be changing, as some users are spotting significant differen…

Can Your Windows 11 PC Run Android Apps?

Microsoft released a new support document that explains the system requirements for running Android apps on Windows 11. If you’re curious whether your PC can handle the Amazon Appstore, you don’t need to wonder any longer….

Windows 11 Embraces Touch With 5 New Gestures

The Windows 11 life cycle is in full swing, and Microsoft just announced Insider Preview Build 22557. This build comes with some significant improvements to touch, including five new gestures you can use to navigate the OS….
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