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Google One Has a New 5TB Storage Plan

Google One is a fantastic value for cloud storage. You can get 100GB of storage for cheap and up to 30TB of space for far less affordable. Now, Google has added a new 5TB plan for people who don’t quite need one of the gian…

Microsoft Is Polishing Windows 11 Ahead of Release

We’re rapidly approaching the release of Windows 11, and Microsoft is making its final tweaks and adjustments to the OS in the latest Beta and Dev builds for Windows Insiders. While there aren’t many new features, some nice p…

Your TV Remote Will Soon Control Your Xbox, Too

Microsoft is constantly testing new features for Xbox through its Insider Program, and the company has just added new HDMI-CEC features that make it so you can control your Xbox Series S|X consoles with a TV remote….

Google Photos Can Mail Prints to Your Home

Google Photos is a great place to store all of your pictures, but it’s useful for more than that. It’s also an easy way to print your photos. Google has announced that its printing capability is getting better, as the company…

Google Is Turning Gmail Into Microsoft Outlook

When it comes to email, it seems like everyone uses Gmail. Google wants to make Gmail a more powerful tool by directly integrating lots of Google Workspace features into the email service. Instead of downloading a bunch of di…

Microsoft Start Kicks Microsoft News to the Curb

There’s no shortage of ways to keep up on the latest news. Microsoft wants to remind you that it can bring you the news with the introduction of Microsoft Start. This helpful tool merges the MSN feed and Microsoft News into o…

PSA: Outlook Contact Cards Can Easily Be Spoofed

Phishing attacks are one of the oldest ways for malicious individuals to steal information, and an old-school phishing method has found its way into Outlook. Using characters from different alphabets, people can make victims …

LG’s New XBOOM 360 Speaker Is Also a Lantern

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market to choose from. But you’ll have a hard time finding many that also work as lanterns, which is exactly what LG’s New XBOOM 360 speaker brings to the table….
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