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Intel Breaks 4K Blu-Ray Disc Playback on New CPUs

DRM is designed to protect content from thieves. In many cases, though, it causes more problems than it helps. The latest¬†Intel Core 11000 and 12000 processors remove Intel¬†SGX, causing Ultra HD Blu-ray discs to no longer p…

Dropbox Finally Gets Native M1 Mac Support

Do you use Dropbox to keep your stuff in the cloud? If you use an M1 Mac, you’ve probably noticed that Dropbox isn’t working on it. However, that’s changing, as Dropbox is rolling out support for Apple’s new chips in beta….

Watch Out for Wordle Scams on iPhone and Android

Wordle is everywhere right now. The popular word-guessing game has inspired ad-filled copycats and other scams on iPhone and Android. Watch out: There are no official Wordle apps. There’s only one official way to play the gam…

Google’s Not Happy About Green Text Messages

iMessage and those pesky green texts are among the most significant things keeping people locked into Apple’s ecosystem (though it is a pretty lovely ecosystem). As you might expect, Google isn’t happy about this as Apple’s p…

Windows 11 Is Getting Better Support for AirPods

The latest Windows 11 Dev build has lots of fabulous new goodies, including a feature that’ll make your calls sound better when you’re using Apple AirPods. We didn’t expect to find a feature specially designed to enhance an A…
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