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New Windows Zero-Day Grants Local Admin Access

It seems like there’s a new local zero-day exploit that grants admin privileges on Windows almost every day, and today is no exception. A researcher publically disclosed a vulnerability that lets anyone with standard privileg…

Netflix Is on Spotify Now

Netflix and Spotify are working together with a new Netflix Hub on Spotify. You can get audio experiences from many of Netflix’s most popular properties on the music streaming service, whether you’re a free or premium Spotify…

Spotify No Longer Shuffles Albums by Default

When you head to the Spotify album view, the play button used to have a little shuffle symbol that would let you play the album in random order by default. However, that has been removed, apparently at the request of Adele….

Microsoft Edge Gets Yet Another Shopping Feature

Microsoft has been busy working on its Edge browser, and many of the changes aren’t well-received by the community. A lot of these tweaks have focused on using the browser as a shopping tool, and now Microsoft is adding a new…

Microsoft Edge Wants to Give You a Loan

Microsoft is always trying new stuff with its Edge browser, and its latest move is rather interesting. Rather than going through a retailer, Edge will offer a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option on the browser level….

Windows 10’s November 2021 Update Is Here

It’s official: the Windows 10 November 2021 update, codenamed 21H2, has arrived. And while it doesn’t bring very much in the way of new features, some people can still download it to your Windows 10 PC right now….

Want to Fix Your Own iPhone? Apple Will Help

Apple has announced a new program called Self Service Repair, which will let iPhone 12 and 13 owners get genuine Apple parts, tools, and manuals so they can repair their own devices without taking them to Apple or another th…
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