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How Secure Is Your Home Wi-Fi?

When it comes to modern technology, everything is a compromise between convenience and security. Everyone wants fast access to the internet, which is why Wi-Fi is everywhere. But how secure is your home Wi-Fi router? What can…

Do You Need Anti-Ransomware Software for Your PC?

Unlike other types of malware, you can’t just clean up ransomware and go on with your day. A run-of-the-mill virus won’t destroy all your data and backups. That’s why ransomware is a hazard you need to prepare for in advanc…

How to Protect Your Identity Online

When Sandra Bullock starred in The Net in 1995, identity theft seemed new and unbelievable. But the world has changed. Starting in 2017, nearly 17 million Americans are victims of identity fraud every year….

Should You Pay Up If You Get Hit by Ransomware?

It might be your worst nightmare. You turn on your PC only to discover it’s been hijacked by ransomware that won’t decrypt your files unless you pay up. Should you? What are the pros and cons of paying off cyber-criminals…
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