How to Automate All Your Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year when the fall directions come down and the festive Christmas decorations go up. If you’ll be hanging a bunch of Christmas lights around your house, here are several different methods for automating them, so that you never have to worry about turning them on and off manually.

How Three-Way Light Switches Work

If there are lights in your house that can be controlled from two different light switches (as opposed to just one), then the light is commonly referred to as a three-way light, and the switches are referred to as three-way light switches. Here’s how they work.

How to Create and Manage User Codes for the Schlage Connect Smart Lock

The great thing about having a keypad lock like the Schlage Connect is that you don’t need physical keys at all. Instead, you just enter in a key code (aka user codes) and you’re off to the races. Here’s how to create and manage key codes for the Schlage Connect smart lock, both on the lock itself and on your phone.

How to Use Your Apple Watch as a Flashlight

Your iPhone have a flashlight function, but why pull it out of your pocket if you don’t have to? Your Apple Watch can do something very similar. Here’s how to use it when you need to stumble your way through a dark room.

How to Get the Most Out of Your SkyBell HD

If you get all kinds of different folks approaching your door, a video doorbell like the SkyBell HD is a worthwhile investment, but you may not be using it to its full potential. Here’s how to get the most out of your SkyBell HD video doorbell.

How to Factory Reset the Kwikset Kevo

If you’re planning on selling your Kwikset Kevo, or just moving to another house and don’t plan to take it along with you, here’s how to factory reset it so your digital keys are completely erased from it.

How to Download Videos from Your SkyBell HD

The SkyBell HD keeps all of your most-recent recorded videos stored in the cloud for up to 20 videos at a time. This can go fast if your doorbell is used a lot, so here’s how to download videos from your SkyBell HD to store them locally forever.